The Cupcake Challenge

Baking and eating your own cupcakes is the best. But giving a cupcake to someone else can be just as rewarding for the giver and really great for the receiver

With this in mind the global community of hackerspaces have come up with the Global Hackerspace Cupcake Challenge. The challenge is to bake, doctorate, package and send a cupcake to another hackerspace and for it to arrive in good condition.

At this moment the destination for our cupcake is The Perth Artifactory hackerspace in Perth, Australia. We should be recieving a cupcake from Alpha One Labs hackerspace in New York, USA.

So members of TOG will be participating in the challenge this weekend the 15th and 16th of January and you’re invited to help. We’re very luck to have a full kitchen in our space. On Saturday from about 1pm we’ll do a lot of baking and experimenting with different cupcake recipes and decoration techniques. Later in the day we’ll bake other things and cook some dinner. On Sunday we’ll work on the packaging of the final cupcake.

If your a disaster in the kitchen, this is also the a Synchronous Hackathon weekend so feel free to come along and use the rest of the space to work on your programming, electronics, craft or constructions projects or just hang out for awhile.

The Synchronous Hackathon is free and open to visitors like most of our events. We’ll have a donation cup to help cover the costs of shipping (approximatly €100), any equipment and ingredients.

Dublin 27C3 Peace Mission

We’ll be hosting a Dublin 27C3 Peace Mission for those unable to make it to the 27C3 conference in Berlin during the 27th to 30th of December.

The space will be open to visitors from 11.30 am until mindnight as per the conference schedule:

We will be streaming video from the conference in Berlin 27th to 30th of December. Also the workshop and common areas will be open to visitors who want to work on projects or socialise like during the hackathons. There is full kitchen facilities so bring food if you like.

Synchronous Hackathon 12: Hallowe’en

Hey all, just a few pieces of information first.
– Our esteemed Membership Secretary Jeffrey will be very busy over the next while, so he’s divided up some responsibilities among other members. This does unfortunately mean that you’re stuck with me as acting Blog Queen (… no-one ever gets that joke *sigh*).
– To that end, I thought it’d be nice to have a page here on the website that gathered together feeds from blogs with connections/similarities to tog. If you’d like to take part please send us a link to your blog for consideration (I say consideration, because if your blog is about economics and politics, while I’m sure it’s very insightful, it won’t be of much interest to most of the tog-sphere).
– Next, we now have a forum! Go visit it, it’s kinda quiet at the moment. (Also, made it onto the XKCD online communities map, which is just all kinds of awesome. Bottom-left of the Forums close-up: You’ll find a running thread there with details of events on each week.

Which brings me to the real reason for this post! It’s October, Hallowe’en is fast approaching, and we’ve a Synchronous Hackathon this weekend! Of course, you don’t have to do Hallowe’en themed projects, but I encourage you to have a little fun and try out animatronic ghosts and Arduino pumpkins! Need EL wire for a costume idea? We’re just the people to see about that. Also, it’s the 12th event, next month is the 1-year anniversary! Time to start thinking up something big! So come, hack, create, have fun in the company of fellow hackers!

Irish Hackerspaces Week

Irish Hackerspaces Week is a week long series of events showcasing the different Hackerspace across Ireland. The week aims to show what each space brings to their local community.
If you are coming to any of the events please sign up using the contact form at the end of the page.

Time Table of Events in 091labs Galway. Read more

Time Table of Events in TOG

Saturday 14th:

Soldering Workshop 10.00-12.30 & 14.00-16.30 Read more

Sunday 15th:

Harvard Course screening: “Introduction to C” – programming afterwards 14.00 Read more
The Joys of 3D Printing 16.00 Read more

Monday 16th:

E-textiles & Conductive Thread 19.00 Read more
Intro Ardunio 20.30 Read more
Processing 21.00 Read more

Tuesday 17th:

Oh, sweet! The Sugar learning environment 19.30 Read more

Lockpicking: The Myths and Truths  20.30 Read more

Wednesday 18th:

An Evening of Amateur Radio 18.30 Read more
Fun with Pattern Matching – Or how to build a database using flat files 19.30 Read more

Thursday 19th:

Open Social Night with a Film.. 19.00 Read more

Friday 20th:

Synchronous Hacker Quiz 20.00 Read more

Saturday 21st:

10th Global Synchronous Hackathon 13.00 Read more

Sunday 22nd:

10th Global Synchronous Hackathon 13.00 Read more
Standford Course screening:  “Introduction to Machine Learning” –  programming afterwards 14.00 Read more

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Synchronous Hackathon

Its that time of the month again. The 9th Synchronous Hackathon is on this weekend Saturday the 17th and Sunday the 18th. The space will be open to all from  about 12.03pm until late each day. Its a great chance for anyone with a project to come long and work on or just for a chat.

Some on going projects, home brew CNC, Maker bot ,  lasagna or if there sun a bbq, firewall, Spark & RISC servers.

Synchronous Hackathon – June 2010

Warm up your soldering irons, thread your needles and fill the fridge with your beverage of choice. The 8th Synchronous Hackathon takes place this weekend.

We are kicking things off with an open social night on Friday from 7.30pm. If you haven’t been to the new space, it’s a great chance to drop in for a chat and have a look around. We promise we wont make you do any painting, well only if you want to :).Safety first!

On Saturday and Sunday the hackathon starts at about 1pm each day until late. Feel free to come along and work on your own project for a few hours or give a hand around the space. There will be members hacking the space over the weekend running cable, power points, painting, putting together furniture and all sorts of things.

As always are events are open to all at no cost (expect classes).

update: Also will be having bit of a BBQ tomorrow starting around 5 ish see you there.