Summer Green Thumbs

The summer is in full swing and our gardens and windows sills are full of life. Our community is made up of people with diverse interests and skills. It is not all computers and tech. Below are photos from our members what is growing at the moment.

Fresh potatoes ready for the pot.

Over 1kg of rhubarb ready to make something sweet.

A bee visiting some flowering artichoke.

The last of the loganberries with some rosemary photobombing.

Great use of awindow sill for some coriander, basil & chives.

And finally some shallow fry courgettes.

Check out our gallery for lots more photos.

Super Fly Trap

flytrapThis time of year, everyones kitchen seems to be buzzing with tiny fruit flies. If you were taking part in a hackathon to build a fly trap, this one would probably win….. and there’s not an Arduino or a line of code in sight. But what is the mystery mixture in the glass? We hear rumours of beer and vinegar. Drop in to our kitchen to have look.

Brewers “Equipment Day” (Saturday March 12th, 2pm)

We are having an informal “brewing equipment day” on March 12th in the new TOG space at 2pm. The goal is to meet up for a few hours to clean up a corner to store the brewing equipment. This is an opportunity for people who had offered to donate brewing equipment to TOG to bring in their gear and give it a home. We will also be giving tours of the space to show anyone around who hasn’t seen the space yet. In short this is what we will be doing:

– Clean up the potential brewing corner
– Give tours of the space to those who haven’t seen it yet
– Make an inventory of all of the brewing equipment
– Label all of the equipment
– Make a plan/list of what else we need if anything
– Pick a date for the first brew-day of the new space

The goal of the brewers within TOG is to establish and maintain a high end brewing system to give brewers of all levels access to equipment that they might not have at home. This would enable all members to brew beer, wine, mead or cider in the space without needing to own any equipment, they merely need to purchase ingredients. As the spring/summer approaches we will start up the monthly brew days again with a bit more structure. We will brew a beer in advance for the open socials along with members brewing their own beer too.


Edit, thanks to everyone that came out this afternoon to help clean the space. Here is the area before it was cleaned:


And here is the area afterwards:



There is now enough equipment for someone to brew a batch of beer in TOG. 🙂

Dublin Maker Wind-down BBQ & en-Pizza-ing

Dublin Maker logo Can’t you feel the excitement in the air?! Dublin Maker is on this Saturday! From bitter experience we know that all the Makers will be at Panic Stations this entire week. And as we here at TOG are a caring bunch, we’ll be holding our traditional post-Dublin-Maker BBQ (now with added pizza!) on Sunday, 26th July, from 2pm-5pm.

It will be a chance for the Makers to unwind in an understanding and supportive environment. But it’s not just an event for official Dublin Makers! Now is a great opportunity to finally take a look around TOG, or to get to know our members better. It’s a chance for anyone, and everyone, to chill out with some interesting people, who do interesting things, while filling their bellies. So come one, come all, satisfy your curiosity, and your appetites!

Pizza Oven 1.1

oven2Our pizza oven was built as a bit of a hack over Christmas and New Year. After 5 months of operation, a bit of maintenance and a few minor mods were in order. A better flue, some re-jigging of insulation and foil and some re-pointing of bricks were done.

On Saturday 20th June, we fired it up for our regular open social event. It all worked as good as usual and everyone got fed! We had plenty of first time visitors to TOG too, who got the grand tour of the space. They’ve been keeping in touch with us on meetup and twitter. Pics of the maintenance here.