Frequently Asked Questions

What is TOG?

TOG is a group of individuals who have come together to form an inclusive community interested in the pursuit of innovation in science, technology, modern culture, and creative arts.

What is a Hackerspace?

A Hackerspace is a physical space where people come together to pursue shared interests. TOG is a Hackerspace in Dublin and a number of other Hackerspace groups are forming throughout Ireland.

Where is the space?

Our current space is in Unit 1B Motor City, Kylemore Road, Dublin 12, D12 CF6V Ireland. Location Link.


Dublin has a very centralised public transport system and because most members use public transport we decided that the space should be within walking distance of O’Connell Street Bridge.

What do you need a space for?

The space provides shared physical resources that are in general beyond the reach of an individual, but it also provides the opportunity to work together and avenues for inspiration and collaboration.

Can I use TOG’s facilities in connection with my employment, business, startup or some kind of activity for which I might receive payment?

No. TOG is a non-commercial space and it is not a co-working or startup space. Members are allowed to do private and personal work, but commercial work or any sort of activity for which you might receive payment, is generally not allowed.

I can do all I want in my attic/garage/shed?

Maybe but you are limited by your own imagination, knowledge and finances. TOG’s members have a wide range of interests, skills and knowledge that you could use in your next project.

What if I don’t live in Dublin?

Check out the list of active and planned hackerspaces in Ireland.

What if there is no hackerspace in my area?

Start one. There are loads of guides on starting your own hackerspace on hackerspaces.org. Also contact us maybe we can help.

How do you fund the space?

TOG’s fixed costs are funded by a monthly membership fee. Additional funds are raised by donations, which are used for equipment and other resources for the space.

What are your fixed costs?

Fixed costs include: rent, council rates, electricity, gas, internet, insurance, etc.

How much is your monthly membership fee?

As of May 2023, the standard rate is €55 per month. There is a reduced rate available in certain circumstances. Contact us for further details.

The rates are still too high!

Unfortunately Dublin is a very expensive place to operate a Hackerspace. But economies of scale can help because we have fixed overheads, having more members means that we can reduce the membership fee.

Would you accept a government grant, corporate donation, or sponsorship?

Maybe. It all depends on the strings or obligations acceptance would place on the space or members.

Can I visit?

Yes please do. We have a number of regular events when you can visit. But please let us know when you’re coming beforehand so someone will be there to let you in.

What should I bring with me?

Depending on the event bring a laptop, gadgets, etc., also bring along your ideas and an open mind.

Do you allow people to sleep over in the space?

No for non-members. Full members have 24/7 access so can stay in the space as long as they want, but the space is not an alternative for having a home.

What are your members interested in?

Various aspects of computers, networking, programming, electronics, robotics, radio, music, art, sewing, and much more.

I like the idea but I don’t think I’d fit in?

We’re a very accommodating and diverse group of people, so as long as you’ve an interest in learning or getting involved you should fit right in.

How can I get involved?

The first thing is to visit the space, then join the mailing list and the IRC channel, but most of all participate and interact. Contact us

Are you looking for new members?

We are always looking to grow the community at TOG.

How do I become a member?

First visit the space. Then fill in our membership form. Our membership team will then get in touch with you, with more membership information and how to pay.

What happens next?

Once the form has been received and payments have started, you will then become a probationary member. Note that probationary members do not have their own key during the probationary period. Probationary membership lasts a minimum of 3 months and provides the opportunity for other members to get to know you and you to know them. After the 3 month period a decision will be made by the membership and if agreed you will become a full member.

What are the benefits of being a full member?

Full members have a key and 24/7 access to the space, and have the right to participate in the decision making process of the organisation.

How old do I have to be to become a member?

All members are currently at least 18 years of age.

How can I get in contact?

Use the details on the contact page.

Is there a way to find out about your activities?

Join the IRC channel, mailing list, twitter, calendar or just watch for blog posts on the main web site.

I’ve got some equipment I would like to donate?

We currently have a limited amount of space and have to be careful about not turning the space into a dumping ground. But if you’ve got something unusual we would like to hear about it through the contact page.

What are your plans for the future?

We have too many to list but generally we want to grow our membership and activities.

What is the organisational structure?

We are a designated activity company. Members can volunteer to do various roles.

How do you make decisions?

A core principal of the organisation is that it is run by its members, as part of this we try to achieve consensus on all decisions.

We believe that consensus can best be achieved by first discussing a proposed idea widely amongst all the members. This discussion should identify any issues or oversights with the idea. After all the discussions a formal proposal email is then circulated to all full members and a number of days is given for any objections be to received. If no reasonable objections have been received a proposal is deemed to have passed. If objections are received additional proposals can be written or a majority vote can be held at a meeting.

Can external groups host events in the space?

Maybe. Our space is not established to be an event space for external groups. However, there are two ways external groups may come to host an event in TOG:

1. Groups can be invited to use our space for their events if our members are involved with that group, and it’s part of another event/series of events ongoing, or standing objectives of TOG.

2. With declared backing from a full TOG member, groups can apply to use the space. Please use the mailing list, IRC or visit us to find interested members. Your event would need to be compatible with the interests and objectives of TOG, and not interfere with how members use the space or other events. Ask your member backer if you need more details.

Every event requires formal approval by the members of TOG, which can take a bit of time, so please provide as much information as possible from the start (time, date, number of attendees, detailed description of event, etc), and apply as early as possible.


What’s the deal with photographs/videos?

In general we’ve no problem with you photographing the space. That is, the physical space. But, you must always ask the permission of the people present if you wish to photograph, video, or otherwise record them, or their personal projects. Most people don’t mind, but some really don’t like it, so best to ask beforehand.

Also, at some events someone from tog may ask to take a photo/video of you/your project/the group for the website. Please feel free to object/ask not to be included. That’s totally okay. We want everyone to feel comfortable in tog.

Will event-x be videoed/available to watch online later?

In general we don’t record/broadcast our events or talks. We find it puts added pressure on speakers, while making some potential attendees too uncomfortable to actually to attend. (That said, it is frequently requested. We will consider the possibility on an event-by-event basis.) For now, it is best to assume there won’t be any recording/broadcasting of events unless explicitly stated.

I love you guys! I can’t become a member for reason XYZ, what else can I do to support you?

You don’t need to be a member to come and make use of the space. Just by attending events; talks, workshops, hackathons, or even just showing up to Open Evenings and Open Socials, you’ll be supporting us. Also simply telling people about us, and events we have on, is a great help.

If you want to do a bit more there are a few things you could do;
– Money-wise, you could buy one of our tshirts (in-space only), or you could donate however much you like through our Paypal donation button at the top of this page (in-space you can also ‘donate’ cash to the tuck-shop).
– You could volunteer to give a talk or workshop! Our events are not-for-profit, and after materials, all money goes towards funding our lavish electricity bills. There is always something you know that others don’t, share the knowledge!

I have found something out of date on your website, what should I do?

Drop us an email and let us know what has to be updated. We are volunteer-run and always looking for help and suggestions.