The Cupcake Challenge

Baking and eating your own cupcakes is the best. But giving a cupcake to someone else can be just as rewarding for the giver and really great for the receiver

With this in mind the global community of hackerspaces have come up with the Global Hackerspace Cupcake Challenge. The challenge is to bake, doctorate, package and send a cupcake to another hackerspace and for it to arrive in good condition.

At this moment the destination for our cupcake is The Perth Artifactory hackerspace in Perth, Australia. We should be recieving a cupcake from Alpha One Labs hackerspace in New York, USA.

So members of TOG will be participating in the challenge this weekend the 15th and 16th of January and you’re invited to help. We’re very luck to have a full kitchen in our space. On Saturday from about 1pm we’ll do a lot of baking and experimenting with different cupcake recipes and decoration techniques. Later in the day we’ll bake other things and cook some dinner. On Sunday we’ll work on the packaging of the final cupcake.

If your a disaster in the kitchen, this is also the a Synchronous Hackathon weekend so feel free to come along and use the rest of the space to work on your programming, electronics, craft or constructions projects or just hang out for awhile.

The Synchronous Hackathon is free and open to visitors like most of our events. We’ll have a donation cup to help cover the costs of shipping (approximatly €100), any equipment and ingredients.

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  1. BaconZombie took the ingredients photo and won’t be allowed select the ingredients for the actual cupcake.

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