Group nights

Group nights are free and open to both members and visitors. They are not classes, they are nights where people can work together and troubleshoot any issues they may have. This is also a good environment to be in if you are learning or studying in the area of the theme. Current regular group nights are:

  • Electronics and Microcontroller Night: Every second Monday from 7pm – We mainly deal with Arduinos as they seem to be very popular within the hackerspaces community.
  • Coder Night: Every other/second Monday (not (Micro)Electronics) from 7pm – The night for software and coding. Come along, join a project, start a project, or work on your own.
  • Craft Night: Every second Wednesday from 7pm – Over-heard at Craft Night: “One time she didn’t want to come because she’d forgotten her stuff. Like Craft Night is only about crafting!” Everyone brings whatever they want to work on, and we hang out. Check out some projects in our gallery, or join the Craft mailing list to stay informed about crafty events.
  • Lockpicking Night: Every other/second Monday (same as code night) from 7:30pm – Bring your picks, locks, and have some fun! more information about them HERE.

If you would like to suggest a group night please contact us. Some nights may be monthly, bi-weekly or weekly. Best thing to do is to throw an email out on the mailing list and gauge interest within the community.