You must visit the space before you sign up for membership. Meet some existing members, get a tour of the space and see how it is run. You will need to put the names of 2 existing members on your application, so be sure to take note of these when you visit. This is not a vouching system. Think of it as a anti spam system. It is just the names of two people you have met in the space.

Note that TOG is a non-commercial space and it is not a co-working or startup space. Members are allowed to do private and personal work only. Commercial work or any sort of activity for which you might receive payment is not allowed.

When you join TOG, you are a probationary member for a minimum of 3 months. The clock starts when you make your first payment. During your probationary membership, you will not have your own key to the space. After 3 months you might be proposed for associated member. Note however, that this proposal not automatic. It’s up to existing members that you get to know, to propose your elevation to associated member…. so it’s important that you visit the space and get to know some existing members over the first few weeks and months of your probationary membership.

When the time comes, your associated member proposal will be sent to all existing members and associated members for their consideration. If the proposal passes, you move from probational to associated member. You are then entitled to your own key and get access to various member-only email and web services. Membership is subject to TOG’s constitution which is on the website TOG also has a code of conduct which everyone is expected to abide by. It can be viewed here.

As of Jun 2023, the standard rate is €55 per month. There is a reduced rate available in certain circumstances. Contact us for further details. Once you have applied to us for membership, you will be contacted with more details about membership and payment. You must be at least 18 years of age to be a TOG member.

Note that by applying for membership, you are agreeing to be subscribed to various TOG mailing lists, wiki and other services, to which all other TOG members also have access. Your name and email address will be visible to all other TOG members. You agree to be contacted by TOG by email using the email address you have provided.

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