Next two weeks at Tog

Hi everyone, we’re excited to kick off our regularly scheduled events from tonight! Our ninth birthday is coming up on January 27th, so keep an eye on the blog for details about our birthday party.

Monday January 8th – Coding Group Night & Lockpicking Night start from 7PM
Wednesday January 10th – Craft Night starts up again from 7PM also
Monday January 15th – Electronics, Microcontroller, and IOT evening begins this night at 7PM

TOG 2018

Our regular open evenings kick off again with coding and lockpicking night on Monday 8th January.  After that, keep a watch on our calendar for the rest of our regular evenings.


Watch out also for our birthday party which takes place at the end of January.

Next 2 weeks in Tog

Hello all, we’ve an exciting few weeks in the lead up to the holiday season. Why not come to Craft Night to make christmas cards or tree decorations!

Monday 27 November – Our regular Coding Night and Lockpicking Night is on from 19:00 – bring your laptop and hack on projects or open locks with members and the public.
Wednesday 29 November – Wikipedia Editing Event and Craft Night – both from 19:00. Learn how to get started in Wikipedia editing or put together some nice holiday decorations!
Monday 4 December – Electronics and Micro Controller night is on from 19:00, with a breadboard workshop also on – only 4 places available!
Thursday 7 December – our regular Phreakshow – Mobile Filmmaking meetup takes place again from 19:00. Total beginners and experts all welcome!

Hope to see you all there.

TOG November Open Social

Our November Open Social will take place on Saturday 18th November from 19:00. It will be a busy day in the space with our mini-hackathon going on since 10:00.

If you’ve never been to our Social, you’ll find it a great alternative Saturday evening in town. Come in and look around. If you’ve never been in before, we’ll give you the grand tour of the space. Talk to members and visitors about projects or things you’d like to do. If you like what you see, ask about joining as a full member. Hopefully there’ll be caint, ceol agus craic as usual. The space stays open until the last member is left……usually the small hours of Sunday morning.

Our Open Socials are always free to attend for both members and visitors alike. No need to book…. just turn up. You can drop in for 10 minutes, or stay the whole night. We have parking available. Bring beer, food, gadgets! Our doors will be open from 19:00. Hope to see you there.


Late November in Tog

Hi Everyone, I hope you’re having a great Makevember. Check out our next two weeks here at Tog Dublin!

Monday November 13 – Tonight, we have Coding Night and Lockpicking Night from 19:00.
Wednesday November 15 – Craft Night, Knitting, Sewing and Art will be held from 19:00
Saturday November 18 – A November Mini Hackathon will be held with breakfast from 10:00, feeding into the Open Social from 19:00. The space shall be open all day – check out the blog post for more details!
Monday November 20 – Electronics and Micro Controller night will be from 19:00 as usual, with an Electronics Breadboard workshop also being held. Check out the Meetup link for more details.
Thursday November 23rd – Phreakshow, the Mobile Phone Filmmaking workshop will be held from 19:00

Cyber Night has been postponed as the hosts currently have other commitments.
As you can see we have a busy two weeks and we hope to invite you in for some of these events. See you there!

November Mini Hackathon

Come and join us for a Mini Hackathon on Saturday 18th November in Blackpitts. The space will be open from 10:00 until very late. This event is free to attend for both members and visitors alike. You can come any time during the day, from 10:00 onwards. Have a quick look around or stay the whole day. Whatever works for you.

What is a Mini Hackathon? Well it’s like all of our regular open evenings rolled into one and then some more. It’s an excuse to drop in and make/break/create/tinker/hack anything. Brewing, Electronics, Baking, Crafting, Wikipedia editing, Coding…. all these and more. Whatever you can think of! Theres already talk of people doing strange things with air compressors and sand. Want to know more…. well you’ll have to come in and find out.

TOG members have a great sense of priority and because you can’t hack on an empty stomach, we’ll be starting with breakfast. The kettle will be on at 10:00 and we’ll provide all of the basics in our kitchen for breakfast. If you want something fancy for breakfast… bring it in!

Suitably fed and watered, the fun will begin. If you don’t fancy getting your hands dirty…. well drop in anyway. Have a cuppa and see whats going on. Get some ideas and have a look around the space.

Saturday 18th also happens to be our regular Open Social day, so the space will actually stay open sometime into the small hours of Sunday morning 19th. We have parking available. Hope to see you there.

*** Please Note: You must be 18 Years or older to take part in this event ***