Live Amateur Radio Link up with International Space Station

There will be a live video stream on youtube on Thursday 19th October at 12:30pm Irish time (11:30 UTC) here:

Click to visit live stream




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Late October in Tog

We have a busy two weeks coming up at Tog, in the lead up to Hallowe’en – come work on your costume at Crafts Night Monday 16th!

Monday October 16th – Coding Group Night and Lockpicking from 19:00 as usual. Cancelled due to Hurricane Ophelia.
Wednesday October 18th – Crafts Night, Sewing and Art, and Cyber Security night from 19:00 sharp. All welcome!
Thursday October 19th – Students from Tallaght Community School will get to speak directly to an Astronaut on board the ISS which will be live streamed on our YouTube page. Find out more details in our blog post.
Saturday October 21st – OpenStreetMap Ireland will be forming an official chapter from 10:00, and invite you to get involved. Find out more on their Facebook or website. Our Open Social is on from 19:00.
Monday October 23rd – Electronics/Microcontroller night is on from 19:00
Wednesday October 25th – our Wikipedia Editing Event is on from 19:00
Thursday October 26th – Phreakshow takes the stage again at Tog from 19:00 to 21:00

See you at some of our events.

Phreakshow: Mobile Phone Filmmaking sessions in TOG!



A hackers delight since the 60s, and a ‘disruptive’ element of most topics today.

So we’re happy to start another regular night in Tog: Mobile Phone Filmmaking.


Mobile Filmmaking and Mobile Journalism (shortened to MOJO) refers to: filming, editing and publishing stories from your phone.

Thats what we plan to learn and practice with this nite at Tog.



The main thing you’ll need for it is a camera phone; tho of course you can bring and use other devices too.

We will teach some techniques (the night will be open to everyone, from total beginners to experienced filmmakers) and practice others … and team up for demonstrations and competitions as we go along too!


The main editing app we will use is called Kinemaster which allows you to edit your clips together; its free and works on iphone & android.


Some of the online communities we’ll take inspiration from are those that sprung up around vine, snapchat and other platforms… there’s some compilations out there to get an idea of what they are about.


There are Irish groups such as the Dublin Filmmakers Collective and MOJOCon which might be of interest.


What are some of the techniques we’ll learn?
A simple one is the 5-shot sequence for capturing actions:


There are plenty of MOJO tutorials you can find online, here’s one example.


Being able to make and tell stories that you film from your phone has lots of applications: hackers & makers might want to show off their latest invention, or do an interview with an interesting visitor … filmmakers, journalists, comedians, actors, activists and really anyone who wants to get media-literate and tell stories/phobile-moans will also be interested.


This night will run 7-9pm every 2nd Thursday from Oct 12th until the end of the year (and we’ll take stock then).

We’ll try to develop an online community in parallel with doing so in the meetspace.


Hopefully it will be a fun, engaging and useful process for all involved.

See you on the 12th!


Next two weeks at Tog

Check out Tog on the nights below to meet some members – we’ll be open over the next two weeks at the times below!

Monday October 2nd – Coding Group Night and Lockpicking from 19:00
Wednesday October 4th – Crafts Night, Sewing and Art, and Cyber Security night from 19:00 sharp.
Monday October 9th – Electronics/Microcontroller night is on from 19:00

See you soon.

Culture Night Thanks

Big thanks to all of our members and visitors who were in the space on Culture Night last Friday. We opened our doors at 17:00 and we had a steady stream of visitors all evening. We had visitors right up to 23:00.

We never know who is going to come through our doors on these nights. Some had heard of us before, while others had no idea of who or what we are. The reaction from visitors was overwhelmingly positive. Some were amazed that such a place even existed in Dublin. We had 3D printing and Laser cutting demos on the go.

We look forward to many of them coming back to visit again. Keep in touch with us here on our own blog and on our various other channels.

Synthesizer Eurorack Modular DIY Workshop


Image by Fanni Wasabi

For those of you exploring the wonderful world of Modular Synthesizers and have built or would like to build some modules to add to their system, this is the workshop for you. My name is Robin Burke and I’m part of the Berlin Modular collective that runs regular DIY workshops in Berlin. I thought “If I’m visiting home, let me bring synth gifts for my yet undiscovered modular family” 😉

If you have a lot of experience, I can bring some more advanced modules and for those of you who are dipping your toes in for the first time, there are plenty of “absolute” beginner modules like Passive Multiples for instance.
I’ll bring a range of kits that will (with the help of time, parts, solder & electricity) turn into modules from the following international manufactures:
Serge by Random Source; Bastl Instruments of Czechia; Snazzy FX from NYC and maybe even 2 kits from a local manufacturer here in Berlin called GHz Labs.

I’ll limit the number of places to 15 because of space and not being able to fly the entire Berlin Modular team over (but maybe next time 😉
The kits in principal should be built at the workshop but of course can be finished at home if you need to leave early (2hr minimum stay). The whole point is to create or strenghten a community where, amongst other things: we learn from each other; share simply let very useful tips and tools; meet people whom we may not meet otherwise and ya, have fun.

I’ll bring a system with me so modules can be fully tested and debugged if needed. There’s often a capacitor or diode put in the wrong way around but thankfully it’s often an easy fix.

So whether you’re an absolute beginner or a high priest of the soldering iron, you’re very welcome to the TOG where all the necessary tools like soldering irons with solder, braid, solder sucker for removal & wire cutters will be provided to complete a kit. Of course, feel free to bring your own irons, air extractors, solder, holders and stands with a magnifying glass, etc.

And after the workshop, we can relax to the music and sounds of a modular system or two played by myself and guests and chit chat for a while. Community is king 🙂


The workshop takes place on Saturday 30th of September from 11:00 to 16:00. The price of the workshop will depend on the cost of the kit selected. A full list of kits available is listed below.  

All parts, tools and instructions will be provided. Places limited to 15 participants. Note all participants must be 18 or over. 

To book a place email Robin at 

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