March Hackathon

TOG members are preparing for another hackathon over the weekend of the 20th and 21st of March.

So what will happend? Well it’s up to you to decide. At last months hackathon participants experimented with 3D Scanning, Lilypad’s/sewing, soldering, microcontrollers, robotics, all night hacking, drinking and pizza. This month will be more of the same or add your favorite project.

Your not a member and would like to join us during the hackathon? Sure that’s not a problem, contact us through the website, mailing list or irc and let is know when you’ll be around and what your intrested in working on.

Just f**king do IT!!

I’m just back from the space where we meet with Eric Michaud from Pumping Station: One in Chicago. He’s giving a talk to Skynet (the University of Limerick Computer Society) in Limerick on Saturday and stopped by to visit TOG.

We had a good laugh in the space and over food in Pifco’s, we also talked about the differences and similarities in the way we run our hackerspaces. One point Eric made is that we need to make a much bigger effort in trying to promote our space and the activities in it. An important philosophy we should follow is “Just f**king do IT!!”, don’t let the fear of embarrassment or failure hold you back, don’t waste time thinking about it, just do it.

During the discussion we also worked on a Lego prototype of our robot entry for the RobotChallenge in Vienna next year, we’re going to work on it more over the weekend during the Hackathon.