Tog at The UCD Repair Clinic

UCD Innovation Academy, Tog Hackerspace and a team of UCD volunteers will be on hand during this event to give your broken items a new lease of life, from repairing small furnitire items to rejuvenating your favourite pair of jeans.

All UCD staff & students are welcome to attend the repair clinic – bring a broken item or just come and see what it’s all about.

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March Repair Cafe

Do you have broken items at-home – clothes, small appliances, toys, electronics?

No need to throw them away!
Save your things from the landfill and your wallet from having to replace them.

Bring them to our repair café and learn how to fix them together with our volunteers. We have tools, materials, space to work on your item, and repair experts who will help you with your repair.

Join us in Tog on Sunday 24th of March from 11am – 4pm.

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Repair Cafe at Fingal Makerspace

We are teaming up with Fingal Makerspace and Make Create Innovate to host a Repair Cafe in Blanchardstown. The aim is to bring together skilled volunteers and community members who want to repair their broken household items.

Our passionate team of skilled volunteers will be on hand to help you fix everything from electronics and appliances to furniture and clothing, all while sharing valuable repair skills and promoting a sustainable lifestyle.

At the Repair Café , you can:

  • Learn essential repair techniques from our expert makers and volunteers
  • Discover the joy of fixing things and reducing waste in a collaborative, community-focused environment
  • Connect with like-minded individuals who are passionate about sustainability and the maker movement

So grab your broken treasures and join us for a day of mending, learning, and connection at Fingal Makerspace Repair Café. Together, we can build a more sustainable future and celebrate the power of repair!

Date: Saturday 24th February

Time: 11am – 3pm

Location: Fingal Makerspace

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WeRepair Documentary

You might remember a while ago we wrote about our own Jeffrey Roe taking part in a maker-in residency program to Buinho, a fablab in rural Portugal. Blog Post This was part of a two-year program called WeRepair. A cooperation with makerspaces in Spain, Portugal and France. More than 50 repair’café were organised during this period and about 12 residencies happened over this project. Check out the below documentary about the project.

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A Toy Repair to Save Christmas

A member of the public contacted us about a toy repair. Unfortunately, they could not make it to one of our Repair Cafes. We don’t normally take on repairs outside of our events but this one tugged at our heartstrings.

This bear has huge sentimental value to the owner and their wish was to pass it on to her niece allowing the next generation to enjoy it. The bear was originally gifted by a now-deceased grandfather and enjoyed many happy years with the owner.

Disaster stuck with the electronic teddy bear with its arm becoming dislodged. With nowhere offering to repair the bear, all was lost until the owner came across a Repair Cafe event.

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Repair Cafe On RTE One

Our collaboration with Make Create Innovate & Fingal Makerspace was covered on a show called “Heated” RTE One on Thursday, November 16th. You can watch it back on the RTE player episode four.

“This episode looks into the potential of repair cafés – community gathering places where people can bring their broken items, such as appliances, clothing, bicycles, or electronics, to be repaired by skilled volunteers for free, thereby promoting sustainability and reducing waste by encouraging people to repair and reuse their belongings instead of throwing them away.”

It was great to have so many of our members featured and showcase what Repair Cafes are and the benefits they bring to the wider community.