12 years of TOG – Holiday Hack Challenge Redo (part 1)

So, as promised we are going to start SANS Holiday Hack Challenge Redo run by Counter Hack Team. We will start with the latest 2020 challenge . You will need a valid email to create user account, which is instant. You can start straight away on your own or watch a couple helpful videos.

The first video that I would like talk about, it’s Ed Skoudis 2020 Hack Challenge Intro. Video is a great overview of this year challenge.

Second video is aimed at Hack Challenge first timers, it’s walk through the login page and the starting interface.

And don’t forget to join discussion later today at a dedicated Discord Channel https://discord.gg/MqCQkSzG. We start at 5pm today 🙂

This month we are going to focus on 2 objectives.

To help with starting the first objective you can watch this video:

Or read this article with helpful techniques. The online photo editor can be found here.

Watch the video below for the start of the second objective overview:

See you at Discord after 5pm GMT today, we will try to finish Objectives 1 &2 together.

12 years of TOG – a perfect time to do some hacking :-)

For the last five years I was getting more and more anxious the closer it was till the end of the year. Why so? The answer is very simple – the SANS Hack Challenge (https://holidayhackchallenge.com/2020/index.html) run online by Counter Hack Team (https://www.counterhack.com/expert-pen-testers). I have learnt plenty and had an immeasurable amount of fun while solving hacking challenges. This winter I found myself helping others with their tasks by giving hints and I discovered that I have learnt even more. The best part was seeing others to grow and to learn how to beat the tasks.

Unfortunately, SANS hack challenge is only once a year and I didn’t always managed to find enough spare time to solve all the puzzles. Luckily, there is a way to fix that.

So, this year to celebrate 12th birthday of Tog, there will be a pleasant surprise. A walk through a past SANS Holiday Challenges. We will start on the 23rd of January, all info will be posted online. So, keep an eye on our website and reserve time between 5 pm and 7 pm on the day to join the discussion on a dedicated Discord channel https://discord.gg/322Kw4bkQK.

Science Hack Day Dublin Round-Up

A few weeks ago our space as packed for the annual Science Hack Day Dublin. A load of great projects were built over the weekend. Check out the video of the presentations.

Our own Jeffrey Roe was interviewed about Science Hack Day on https://soundcloud.com/dcfm-1032/community-chats-14th-march-2020us

Jump over to our gallery to see some photos from that weekend. https://www.tog.ie/gallery/nggallery/galleries/science-hack-day-dublin-2020

Science Hackday Dublin

We are hosting Science Hack Day. A 36 hr hardware and software hackathon. Ireland’s first public hackathon it has been run by plucky volunteers since 2012. A social event with creativity and love of science at its heart. Each year we bring together, designers, coders, scientists, engineers and makers. Simply to make interesting things. Why? For adventure, for playfulness, for science!

On Saturday & Sunday 7th/8th of March join forces with fellow enthusiasts to work on projects together. During the course of the weekend, the hackerspace will enable participants to bring projects to reality with the various tools and equipment on hand. Sign up with the link below.


Engineers Week Ireland logo

This event is part of Engineers Week that runs from February 29th until March 6th. For other events on as part during the week visit http://www.engineersweek.ie/ . We are also running an Air Quality Sensor workshop -> https://www.tog.ie/2020/01/air-quality-sensor-kit-workshop/

Open Community Hackathon for Sustainability Week, Saturday 21th September

On 21 September 2019 we are joining the European Day of Sustainable Communities. #SustainableCommunity #EDSC19

The day celebrates local communities taking action for a zero-carbon, regenerative and inclusive Europe.  All those who are catalysing transformation in the face of ecological and climate breakdown are invited to become co-creators of the day.

We are hosting a free community hackathon. Feel free to work on any projects you want, but try and have a sustainability theme. Repair something that is broken instead of throwing it out or make use of recycled materials. Feel free to stay around for our social evening. Bring a project and your laptop. More details here.

We invite you to join us or to organise your own event to mark the day – it can be as simple or as ambitious as you like. 

For more information please see sustainable-communities.net

Tog Events in April

Wave Hackers experimental music group.
An experimental audio research & performance group, a place for artists, dreamers, geeks, hackers, nerds, outcasts, weirdos, rebels and scientists to experiment and create. Everything from circuit bending to instrument design and creation. Everyone welcome no matter experience. Come learn and share but most importantly have fun. Hosted by Seb, Friday 19th April, from 7 to 10 pm. Let us know you’re coming on meetup.

The return of the singer/songwriter

Open Social: We open the doors to all-comers once a month for our Open Social event. This month it’s on Saturday 20th April, from 7 pm until the last one leaves. Come and see what happens in Dublin’s only hackerspace. Contributions of food and drink are always welcome. Club Bodge are threatening cheese and wine (bought, not made).

Lock Picking: Conor runs lock picking nights every other Monday, you never know when you may have put your skills into practice… We open padlocks, mostly taken from the Halfpenny Bridge, handcuffs, and various other locks, all without the original keys. Intrigued? Come along to lock-picking on Monday 1st, Monday 15th, and Monday 29th April, starting at 7 pm. Tools provided, and there are some for sale.

Craft Night: The Crafters are an eclectic bunch, engaging in embroidery, sewing, knitting, screen printing, crochet, drawing, painting, and other craft skills. You can bring a project along, start one from scratch, we have materials, tools and supplies to help you out. Every other Wednesday, this month on the 3rd and 17th April. 7 pm start.

Electronics and Micro Controller Night: Gary runs Electronics and Micro Controller night, every Monday that isn’t a Lock-Picking night. We have an electronics room with a dizzying variety of equipment and bits and pieces to get you started if you’re a beginner. Basic kits for sale and lots of expertise on offer. This month’s evenings will be on Monday 8th and the 22nd April, starting at 7 pm and finishing at 9 pm. We don’t supply laptops, so bring your own.

CAD Night: Krzysztof and Louise host the 3D printing and laser cutting night, every second Wednesday (coincides with Craft Night), in April the 3rd, 17th, from 7 pm to 9 pm. We have a working Prusa Mk 3 3D printer, and a Lasersaur for laser cutting. Recommended that you bring your own laptop.

Coding: If you’re looking for a space to work on your own side project, or if you need help with some programming problem, come along to coding nights on alternate Mondays, the 1st, 15th and 29th April. Please bring your own laptop, we don’t provide the hardware.

The Science Fiction Book Club: While you are waiting for the future to arrive, why not be amazed at what others have imagined it will be like? This month we are reading a (non-Culture) novel by Iain M. Banks, Against A Dark Background. We’ll be eating cake and discussing it on Wednesday April 24th, at 7.30 pm.

Wikipedia Editing: Rebecca will instruct on how to become a Wikipedia editor, this happens every last Wednesday of the month, April 24th starting at 7 pm. You can’t edit without a computer, though, so please bring a laptop.

Team Bodge are in the space most Wednesday afternoons, from 3.30 pm until they run out of steam. Bring along your broken or faulty gadgets or computers – or anything else you’d like fixed – and James and Brendan will help you out, with advice, tools, expertise and the occasional spare part. Members only, check the mailing list for time and date confirmation.