Synchronous Hackathon 12: Hallowe’en

Hey all, just a few pieces of information first.
– Our esteemed Membership Secretary Jeffrey will be very busy over the next while, so he’s divided up some responsibilities among other members. This does unfortunately mean that you’re stuck with me as acting Blog Queen (… no-one ever gets that joke *sigh*).
– To that end, I thought it’d be nice to have a page here on the website that gathered together feeds from blogs with connections/similarities to tog. If you’d like to take part please send us a link to your blog for consideration (I say consideration, because if your blog is about economics and politics, while I’m sure it’s very insightful, it won’t be of much interest to most of the tog-sphere).
– Next, we now have a forum! Go visit it, it’s kinda quiet at the moment. (Also, made it onto the XKCD online communities map, which is just all kinds of awesome. Bottom-left of the Forums close-up: You’ll find a running thread there with details of events on each week.

Which brings me to the real reason for this post! It’s October, Hallowe’en is fast approaching, and we’ve a Synchronous Hackathon this weekend! Of course, you don’t have to do Hallowe’en themed projects, but I encourage you to have a little fun and try out animatronic ghosts and Arduino pumpkins! Need EL wire for a costume idea? We’re just the people to see about that. Also, it’s the 12th event, next month is the 1-year anniversary! Time to start thinking up something big! So come, hack, create, have fun in the company of fellow hackers!

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  1. I think this is simply awesome! I’m interested in finding out how you’re going to control/program it. I’d be very interested in making an optional interface from electro-textiles that will let you manipulate each cell individually.

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