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April Hackathon Some Results

It was a good hackathon even with a lot of our members going to ossbarcamp on Saturday. Cheryl made some some significant progress on her led matrix top; namit got some sleep ; I made up a load of electroluminescent wire and started playing around with some ideas for the MAKE/MakerBot 3D printer giveaway!. We […]

April Hackathon

Come one, come all, to another Synchronous Hackathon at TOG this weekend! Yes, it is also the OSSBarcamp this Saturday, so many of our members will only be around Sunday, but that just means more elbow room for the rest of us. Time to get out those space-hungry projects! I for one will be around […]

St. Patrick’s day Hackathon

There is no better day for being Irish than the 17th of March , ┬áSt. Patrick’s day. We at TOG in Dublin , Ireland , think the best way for us to celebrate the day is to host a special edition of the hackathon. For this one day hackathon we looking for people to do […]

March Hackathon

TOG members are preparing for another hackathon over the weekend of the 20th and 21st of March. So what will happend? Well it’s up to you to decide. At last months hackathon participants experimented with 3D Scanning, Lilypad’s/sewing, soldering, microcontrollers, robotics, all night hacking, drinking and pizza. This month will be more of the same […]

3d scanning at hackathon

The starting of a 3d printer. Got it working over weekend using David Laser scanner Things you need: Line Laser Paper/printer David Scanner software Pizza box or some paper to make 90degree corner.

Synchronous Hackathon

TOG members will be taking part in the international Synchronous Hackathon over the weekend of the 20th and 21st of Febuary from about 12:00 to late and same again on Sunday.