Science Hack Day Dublin

Science Hack Day DublinScience Hack Day DublinIMG_20141011_211001 (1) is a 36 hour hardware and software hackathon. A social event with creativity and love of science at its heart.  Each year it brings together coders, designers, scientists, engineers and makers simply to make interesting things. Why? For adventure, for playfulness, for science! This year the event moves to UCD on the 15th & 16th November.

Here in TOG, we have been looking forward to Science Hack Day since the last one ended. Over the past few months we have been stock piling cool hardware, boards and sensors just for two days of fun. We plan on moving most of our electronics lab to UCD to help people get making. Check out the photo to the right for some of the gear we will be bringing.



PS. We love helping out our Science Hack Day Dublin friends. We have been entrusted to make this year’s medals . Check out our prototype below.



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