Talk: Biomaterials, Biotechnology, and perceived ownership of a human body

This Saturday (June 16th) from 6.30pm we are honoured to be hosting a talk by Dr Muireann Quigley on biomaterials, biotechnology, perceived ownership of the human body and the changing role of the body. Dr Quigley is a lecturer in Bioethics at the University of Manchester, and has published papers on this topic, including “Property in the body: Separating persons and things.”

This talk is just the latest in a series of talks from the Dublin Skeptics in the Pub (SITP) group. You can find out more about them through their twitter and their website. More details on this talk are available via their facebook or googleplus.

The talk is free, and there’s no need to register beforehand. But with such an interesting topic you won’t want to arrive late!

18:30, Saturday June 16th, in tog (details on finding us here).

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