RTÉ Documentary on Tog Lock Pickers

Ronan Kelly of RTÉ’s Curious Ear featured the Lock Picking group on RTÉ Radio 1:

Every other Tuesday, the group meets to pick locks. They have a table full of, mostly, padlocks and they use their picking tools to try to open those padlocks.Some of the padlocks are simple three pin ones, while others are the more challenging five-pin ones with extra ‘security’ pins.

Some of the locks have names and initials on them. These are locks that were put on the Ha’penny Bridge in Dublin by couples eager to display their lasting love.

You can listen to the full 12 minute feature on RTÉ’s website.

Lock Picking Group appears in National Press

Ever since one of our venerable members freed some young love, the Tog’s lock pickers have been found to be recently making some waves in the national press by liberating the Ha’ Penny Bridge of it’s Love Locks.

“Anyone who lives in or visits the city regularly will notice how clumps of the locks – added by couples as a public display of their affection – seem to build-up gradually, before apparently disappearing overnight.

So who’s taking them down? Well, in some instances it’s Dublin City Council, who regard the practice as a nuisance which could damage the structure and paintwork. ‘Helping’ the council to tackle the problem are – believe it or not – a group of Dublin ‘hackers’ who like to pick padlocks as a hobby, and say it can be like a form of ‘meditation’ after a long day staring at a computer screen.”

Screen Shot 2013-07-13 at 11.09.52

Meet the hackers’ group tackling the Ha’penny Bridge’s ‘love’ problem…



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Lockpickers Of Love

Meeting every second Tuesday, the Lock Picking Group is free and open to everyone. The next meeting is on Tuesday 16th of July from 7:30pm onwards.

Making Emergency Keys


As part of our bi-weekly lockpicking group we regularly test the security of locks. At next weeks meet we will be making our own keys. Emergency keys are handy if you lose, or bend your existing key. They can be made from proper manufactured key blanks, but they can also be made from old plastic bottles, or coke cans

Blank key

There are various techniques for actually cutting the teeth into the key, for plastic and can keys; a scissors is all that is needed, for proper key blanks a needle file or dremel is best

The usual recommendation is to learn using unused locks as badly made keys can jam or damage locks. The aim of the night will be to learn key cutting using the scissors method, working up to cutting a double sided emergency key for a car. Extra bonus points for those who arrive with a pre-made key for my car made from the photo above! No need to book nor bring anything, just have a look at the 3 videos above and drop by on Tuesday May 7th at 7.30pm.

Lockpick group appears in Irish times

picks_002Every second tuesday
the open-doors lock-picker’s group meets to discuss and  play with everything lock related, and of course open as many locks as possible. Last tuesday was no different in this regard, but in one it was quite different: The Irish Times feature writer Patrick Freyne was in attendance to do a piece on the group.

His article Recreational lock-pickers open up about their craft was published online and off and gives a unique insight into the group and some of the good natured banter that is often encouraged among its attendees.

We’ve welcomed newbies to our group, regardless of background, gender or otherwise. So if your interest has been piqued or perhaps you’re looking for a bit of a challenge, I’d highly recommend you coming to our next group meet-up. No experience or special tools required, but if you bring a lock, we’ll give it a good seeing to!


Lockpicking a great success

A huge thank you to everyone who joined us at lockpicking last night in TOG.

I started off the night with an introduction into the different tools and locks available, as will as some ideas of what I would like the lockpicking group to do. We had 21 people in attendance! I couldn’t believe it. It was evident by me running out of picks for everyone. Thanks for understanding.

Sean uploaded some videos of the night here: http://vimeo.com/groups/142714

See you in two weeks  for the next session. We will be doing this every 2nd Tuesday. I will have more tools for everyone by then 🙂

Lockpicking Reborn :)

Back due to popular demand, Lockpicking Group shall reform to meet on a bi-weekly basis starting from Tuesday 22nd May 2012 from 7:30pm.

I will kick it all off with my presentation on lockpicking, going through the different types of tools and locks. Then after we will take out the box of locks and get our hands dirty, and (hopefully) pick some locks.

Beginners welcome, locks and tools are supplied.



This event is open to the public and FREE. No booking required.