Making Emergency Keys


As part of our bi-weekly lockpicking group we regularly test the security of locks. At next weeks meet we will be making our own keys. Emergency keys are handy if you lose, or bend your existing key. They can be made from proper manufactured key blanks, but they can also be made from old plastic bottles, or coke cans

Blank key

There are various techniques for actually cutting the teeth into the key, for plastic and can keys; a scissors is all that is needed, for proper key blanks a needle file or dremel is best

The usual recommendation is to learn using unused locks as badly made keys can jam or damage locks. The aim of the night will be to learn key cutting using the scissors method, working up to cutting a double sided emergency key for a car. Extra bonus points for those who arrive with a pre-made key for my car made from the photo above! No need to book nor bring anything, just have a look at the 3 videos above and drop by on Tuesday May 7th at 7.30pm.

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