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Trike Bike Carriage Bike


Cargo Bike

In the process of building a cargo bike from two old bikes one childs one and ones adults pop in and see us build it over next few days.

November Hackathon

We have just finished up on our November Hackathon 48 hour stint lots going on this weekend. Pinhole cameras Screen printing t-shirts Ducks Ducks Ducks, Microwaving Ducks, Led Ducks Water bath cooking of steaks

Air Marshmallow Gun

This was part of this months hackathon, to build a marshmallow shooter . This weekends Hackathon went very well with us building a high powered marshmallow gun running off an air compressor and running through a 1″ pipe. Check out the video below for how it was built and to see it working.   High […]

21st Synchronous Hackathon

Mame cabinet is working well, got to put in 6 buttons and make up new face plate for it. But had our first few games today and worked quite well. Controler board for buttons Wiring up of buttons and controls.

Dublin Synchronous Hackathon

As you may or may not know there is a Hackaton [1] this weekend starting on Saturday the 16th in Tog Some projects we will be working on: Solar Heater [3] finishing off the insalation and hopefully mounting it on the roof. Mame cabinet buttons arriving tomorrow so should be done by Sunday Diy t-shirt […]