Soldering Workshop

Workshop Description:

This hands on workshop will cover various aspects of soldering; from the basic techniques of soldering, to soldering electronic components to make simple circuits. Participants will learn how to solder and finish off the workshop with a kit they can bring home. Check out some photos from previous workshops in our gallery.


General Public €15.00, Students/Unwaged €12.00, TOG Members €10.00


Saturday 19th of February.  10:30 to 14:00


In TOG. See our location page.

No electronics skills required. Participants must be at least 18 years old. Workshop open to ALL Places are limited.

Sold Out

Geodesic domes and IPv6

We’ve arranged two diverse and interesting talks for our social night during Engineers Week on the evening of Thursday 17th from 7pm.

The first talk will be from Charlie who will be talking about geodesic domes and how to build them in Ireland.

Title: Triangles all the way down
Subtitle: How to build a large, strong geodesic dome in Ireland
Description: A discussion of what geodesic domes are, why they are popular all over the world, and how you can easily build a big one in Ireland with minimal tools.

Our second talk from Paul McDonnell who works with HEAnet, Ireland’s National Education & Research Network will cover the change from IPv4 to IPv6 and how it will effect our lives and the Internet.

Title: IPv4 depletion and IPv6
Description: With the depletion of IPv4 addresses likely before the end of 2011 now is the time to move to IPv6. This talk will cover the current state of IPv4/IPv6, how to connect now using IPv6 and the future of the Internet.

After the talks will be plenty of time to discuss the talks with the presenters and other attendees.

Both these talks and the open social night are free and open to the public. This night is only suitable for over eighteens and BYOB.


This event is free and open though only suitable for over eightteens, BYOB. Please let is know if you are coming by using the form below.


Thursday 17th of February. 19.00- 22.00


In TOG. See our location page.

Arduino 101 – Learn to Blink

Tutorial Description:

This is a friendly introductory tutorial  to programming for the Arduino platform micro-controllers.  Arduino is an open-source electronics prototyping platform based on flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software.  It’s intended for artists, designers, hobbyists, and anyone interested in creating interactive objects or environments. Arduino can sense the environment by receiving input from a variety of sensors and can affect its surroundings by controlling lights, motors, and other actuators.

  • Setting up the Arduino environment.
  • Digital Inputs and Outputs.
  • Analog Inputs
  • Basic Arduino functionality.

When you leave, we hope you have enough knowledge to go on and start your own programs.


This event is free and open to everyone. Please let is know if you are coming by using the form below.


Tuesday 15th of February.  19.30- 21.30


In TOG. See our location page.


You don’t need an arduino to attend this event. You are welcome to bring yours along and work though the examples as we do them.

If you are attending this event why not check out our Sunday workshop, where you can put your newly learn skills to work.

Pretty and Bright – DIY Christmas Ornaments

This workshop is for the creative ones among you!
The use of scissors, glue and a soldering iron should not scare you, and the eagerness to try new things should be your second nature.
We will be working with paper, glitter pens, LED lights, resistors, wires and plastic spheres.

The fun will last the whole afternoon, and 15€ will cover all your material costs.

Building it!

During this day-long workshop, you will be walked through the process of designing an interactive electronic device: from an initial idea right through to the working device.

We will start off with a presentation covering the whole design process. Next we will demonstrate the necessary steps and tools in more detail. And last but not least you will assemble the finished device.
The device we will be building will be a Mini Mood Light. Consisting of two multicoloured LED’s, a small micro controller and a number of buttons which will allow the user to selected a suitable colour which reflects their mood. We’ll be demonstrating each of the steps including schematic capture, PCB layout, PCB fabrication and programming the micro controller.

You should have a basic understanding of electronics and the C programming language. The workshop is targeted at makers and amateur inventors who want to use open source tools to create open hardware devices.

The workshop will be run three times over the period of Science Week and Innovation Dublin Festival. Each workshop will run from 11:00 through to approximately 17:00, with a break for lunch. Food will not be provided, but we have a full kitchen and there are shops/takeaways nearby.

The cost of the workshop will be 40€ waged, 30€ unwaged and 20€ tog members.

The numbers are going to be limited to eight adult/older teen participants per workshop, but we also hope to video stream and record some of the last workshop.

The joys of 3D printing

This lecture on “3D printing” will outline the various 3D printing techniques in general and the printing with printers such as the Open Source MakerBot in particular.

No experience needed.