Free Firewalling – All it costs is patience

There are many open source choices for a firewall these days and Packet Filter is one of the more common ones. This talk will go through the setup and structure of a Packet Filter firewall and a walk through of a complete Packet Filter firewall rule set.

Networking knowledge would be handy, as well as some Linux/UNIX experience since we will be using the command line.

Secure yourself online

The Internet has become the way in which we naturally communicate in our daily lives. Accessing the Internet in work, on the move and at home is becoming the norm and most people don’t realize the many ways that we are becoming vulnerable with each click of a mouse.
We will be going through the common mistakes made when protecting personal data from outsiders, and showing some safety measures that anyone can take to protect their data online.

There will be a presentation on the topic followed by discussion.
No experience needed.

Inside a PC

This talk will outline the basics of what’s inside a PC.

We will go through each of the components and demonstrate how they work together. Some of those computer parts (such as the hard drive) will be further taken apart to show you how they look and work on the inside.
You will furthermore get the opportunity to take apart the pieces yourself, as well as to put them back together again.

An Introduction to Biodiesel

This talk will cover all important aspects of Biodiesel.

From its use as an alternative fuel, its effects on the environment, its legal status in Ireland, to its future production. A piece will be on the chemical process involved, as well as a run-down on how to make a small amount yourself. If time permits, an actual example will be done to show the process. Finally: A look into the pros and cons of its use.

This will not be an overly technical talk, and most will be in general layman’s terms.

Social Nights Moved

So we have decided to move our social nights to more regular intervals and easier to put in our calenders, both paper and electronic!

So from now on we have our social nights on the 1st Saturday of the month, and the 3rd Thursday of the month (just before the Hackathon). This means that our first Social Night in the new slot is Saturday the 7th August and the next will be Thursday the 19th of August. I have also added these new dates to our calender on the blog so you can also check there if you are unsure.

The suggested themes for these nights will be a food night where people can bring food to the space and share some nibbles and a laugh, and a movie night ( the first one was great 🙂 ). These can of course change as more suggestions are made.