2011-04-17 Easter is coming!

Easter is coming up, and so is a really nice Easter workshop in TOG.

As some of you know, I moved to Austria two months ago. Since I’m coming for a visit next week, I decided to bring lots of nice things with me, to show you how we decorate for Easter back in Austria :).

The workshop will start by creating an Easter decoration from scratch, beginning with a raw piece of wood that needs to be grained and branches fresh from the tree that we will turn into a basket.

Once the hard woodwork is done, we’ll create chickens and butterflies out of wool and ribbons for the most colourful spring impression possible. There will also be plenty of flowers, pussy willows and lady bugs to complete our work of art.

To not leave our Easter basket empty, we will color and decorating eggs (that can still be eaten afterwards), as well as fill it with various chocolate goodies – a vital part of this holiday.

Fee: 15€ for non-members / 9€ for members (eggs and chocolate included)