Stop motion Build Blacksmith forge

Today we made a blacksmith forge that worked quite well after looking at a few other designs and working with what we found around the space we where able to build a blacksmith forge.

Fan is from an old oil burner
Running fuel is just normal coal but there are better options.

Check out video and photos for more details or leave a comment down below.


2 Replies to “Stop motion Build Blacksmith forge”

  1. Good stuff. There’s 2 blacksmiths here who say to try to get some coke. They only use coal at shows and demos for the smoke and smell effect. My one is coming on well. Have a look at the photos if you still have the link.

  2. Hey gary, check out the gallery or click on image in post. Works really well we have some other videos of us bending bar but have not put them up yet.

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