Arduino for Coders

Do you want to make things blink? Build interactive art? Construct robots to take over the world? The Arduino is for you. It’s intended for  designers and hobbyists. It is an easy to use device made for real people. The Arduino will open the worldof physical computing to you.

This course starts at the beginning but will move at a fast pace and is designed for programmers. We will cover in detail the electronics  required to get started with Arduino and explore how to read the Arduino code base.


This course will cover :

  • Basic electronics  (Ohm Law, Breadboarding skills )
  • Digital Inputs / Output
  • Analog Inputs / Outputs
  • Microcontroller Communication

The course will run in our classroom in TOG  from 7.00pm until 9.00pm on the Monday nights starting on the 7th of November with a homework task being set each week.

  • 7th of November
  • 14th of November
  • 21st of November
  • 28th of November
Non Members Class €40 + €70 Starter kit
Students Class €35 + €70 Starter kit
Members Class €10 + €70 Starter kit

Note this class requires an Arduino starter kit. We will be using the oomlout starter kit. If you already have the starter kit then the fee would be that just for the class (€40). If you have another kit please contact me to check you have all the required parts.

Places are limited to 8.

This course is designed for programmers. You should know what loops, functions , If statements etc.

This class is lead by TOG member Jeffrey Roe. Jeffrey has many years experience  with Arduino having completed many projects , giving classes and talks.

If you have any questions or would like to book the course please use the contact form below or come along to Mondays Electronics and Micro Controller night.

Booked out in just a few hours. I have set up a waiting list encase anyone drops out.

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