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Air Quality Sensor Kit Workshop

Air pollution affects many people’s daily lives not just close to industrial centres. Most governmental monitoring is only done with a very limited number of sensors. Often times we are relying on modelling to make the best guess at current levels. This can miss out on local pollution sources or seasonally (coal fires during the […]

11th Birthday Party

Mark those calendars! January wouldn’t be January without TOG’s biggest bash of the year. We will be celebrating our 11th Birthday and regular Open Social all rolled into one on Saturday 25th January 2020 from 7PM. We have had a busy 11th year packed with Hackathons, Workshops, Talks, Debates and Group Nights. This year even […]


The 36th Chaos Communication Congress (36C3) took place in Leipzig, 27.-30.12.2019. A team of hackers from Ireland came together to create an assembly at the event and called it the Irish Embassy. We collectively put on workshops, helped run self organised sessions and added a bit of life to the area. Check out the gallery […]

Christmas Baubles 2019

We love spreading a bit of winter cheer in Tog. This year we have gone for a two-piece star design for our annual Christmas Baubles 2019. Check out all the happy people below on twitter or a timelapse on how they are made.

Giant LED in Hackspace Magazine

Our own Robert Fitzsimons‘s Giant LED is in this month’s Hackspace magazine. You can download the magazine for free and check out Robert from page six. You might have seen the LED in person in the past year at a few of our events. If you are interested in the R&D process of making […]

Santa Expert Lockpicker

Our on Conor Loney was on RTE news on Christmas eve to put the children of Ireland as ease. Conor reassured all that if you don’t have a chimney Sanda being an expert lockpicking will still get in to deliver gifts.