Tog Activities in September

Dublin Culture Night:  This year’s Culture Night happens on Friday 20th September and Tog will be open to allcomers from 6 pm to 11 pm. We’ll be showing off our 3D printers, the laser cutter, the CNC, and whatever else is in the workshop. Seb will be showing what the Wave Hackers get up to, there will be lock picking and electronics projects demonstrations and tours of the space.

Sustainability Hackathon. For European Sustainability Week (14th to 28th September, sustainability means it lasts longer), TOG is hosting a free community hackathon on Saturday 21st September. Feel free to work on any projects you want, but try and have a sustainability theme. Repair something that is broken instead of throwing it out or make use of recycled materials. Feel free to stay around for our social evening. Bring a project and your laptop. Starts at 10 am, runs until the Open Social starts.

Electronics and Micro Controller Night: every other Monday aspiring and inspiring electronics wizards come together to create amazing things with LEDs, single-board microcontrollers, Arduinos, Raspberry Pi’s (well what IS the plural, then?) and other electronic gear. We have a room full of components and parts for beginners and experts alike, and there is a wealth of expertise available. This month we’re open Monday 9th and Monday 23rd September, 7 pm to 9 pm. Please bring your own laptop, we don’t have a supply.

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CAD Night: Bring a project for the 3D printing machine (Prusa Mk 3) or our Lasersaur laser cutter, Krzysztof and Louise will show you how to solidify your ideas in plastic. Or wood. Every other Wednesday, September 4th, September 18th, from 7 pm to 9 pm, bring your own laptop.

Open Social: The Open Social is when we throw open our doors to anyone who wants to check out where these wonderful projects happen. This month’s event will be on Saturday 21st September, for members and non-members alike. Bring food or drink to share, or try our famous pizzas as baked in the equally famous pizza oven, weather permitting. From 7 pm onwards, until the last person leaves.

Craft Night: We have a profusion of materials and machines to cater for crafters and makers from novice to expert. Try your hand at embroidery, knitting, sewing, screen printing, woodwork, crochet, whatever takes your fancy. Our newest acquisition is a leather sewing machine – that’s a machine for sewing leather – which should be up and running soon. Same night as CAD night, Wednesday September 4th and September 18th, 7 pm to 9 pm.

Lock Picking: Conor runs Lock Picking night, in which he demonstrates how to open a bewildering variety of padlocks, handcuffs, practice locks, bicycle locks, even the occasional car clamp – and passes these skills on for free. If you’re wondering how you’re going to free your bike when you’ve dropped the keys down the drain, come along. Mondays, on the 2nd, 16th and 30th September, from 7 to 9 pm.

Coding: This runs on the same night as Lock Picking. If you’re looking for a space to work on your side project, bring your laptop and plug it in. We supply wifi and (some) expertise. Monday 2nd, 16th, 30th September, from 7 to 9 pm.

Wikipedia Editing: Rebecca will show you how to edit the world’s biggest collaborative venture, the Wikipedia. Bring a laptop and add share your knowledge with the world, for pizza and the joy of knowledge. Last Wednesday of the month, 25th September.

The Science Fiction Book Club: We are all interested in the Future, and every month the Science Fiction Book Club argues about what we are going to read next. But before that, we argue about what we have already read, and this month we are reading Drone State by Tom Hillenbrand. Cake is available.

Team Bodge: Most Wednesday afternoons Team Bodge assemble to disassemble, prod, poke, and sometimes coax back to life all manner of electronic gear picked up at car boot sales or found in the attic. Bring along your non-working electronics and marvel as James, Brendan and Krzysztof restore them to working electronics. Members only, usually from 3.30 pm onwards, watch the mailing list for times and dates.

Return of the Finish-a-Thon

If you’ve been meaning to complete a project, or you have something put away somewhere that you’re going to finish someday – lucky you! That day is Saturday 15th December, from 10 in the morning until late.

All projects welcome, they don’t have to be this complicated…
We’re opening up Tog for all-comers, hackers, makers, crafters, coders, whatever you have that could do with a finishing touch and a final tweak, bring it along and we’ll supply the workspace and a bit of know-how, enthusiasm, encouragement, and breakfast.

There’s an Open Social running on the same day, so you can stay as long as you want. Small handmade trophies for finished projects. Tog, 22 Blackpitts, Dublin 8, D08 P3K4.

The author is fully aware of the irony in the title of this post.

Image attribution: NASA/JPL/Thomas Wynne [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Make Something Synchronous Hackathon

Here at TOG we like to make things. And so, inspired by Adam Savage’s (him of MythBusters fame) talk at the Bay Area 2012 Maker Faire, “Why We Make”, and with our very own Dublin Maker Faire just around the corner, we’ve decided it’s high-time to get back to it!

This weekend is the Make Something Synchronous Hackathon. The idea is very simple; Saturday and Sunday from about noon until late evening, get to your local hackerspace, and just make something. Anything. It doesn’t matter what, how, or even why. Just make something!

There is nothing quite like that feeling of satisfaction when you behold something you’ve made with your own hands, nor the frustration when things aren’t going the way you planned. So come, share the highs and the lows with us. We have a messy workshop full of saws, vices, and other tools, soldering irons, glue guns, a less messy workroom with sewing and knitting machines. As well as a whole assortment of things to help, or distract you, about the place like a Makerbot, film development lab, library, and kitchen.

On the Saturday, to keep your brain cells ticking over, we’re hosting a talk by the Dublin Skeptics in the Pub, featuring Dr Muireann Quigley on biomaterials, biotechnology, perceived ownership of the human body and the changing role of the body. That’s from 18:30 until about 20:00. More deatils here.

The whole weekend is free, and no pre-booking required. So come along, learn something new, or just make something! 😀

DIY heat exchange system

Thanks to all that came to social last week we are almost there with the DIY heat exchange system we are going to put on roof and start to heat the space.

Will be trying to finish off this weekend at Hackathon if anyone is about drop in and bring a project.

Hackathon Pallet bucket seat

This weekend we worked on a few project

This chair is made from a pallet, some foam & red velvet, check out insctructable for how we made it.

Working on a heat exchange for roof, it works off 350 cans painted black mounted on roof of TOG and then heat is pumped back into space. Will keep you up to date when we get further on with project main need is to fill up frame then take out bottom and top of cans.

Ubuntu Rocks

Thanks to our local loco Ubuntu-ie we now have lots of new Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal cds. Desktop Kubuntu and even Server.  So if you around town drop in and pick one up.



Also this weekend (Saturday 21st) members of Ubuntu-ie will be meeting in TOG to work on there team re-approval during the hackathon. More details can be found here ->

Unfortunately not everyone in TOG thinks Ubuntu rocks. Check out the video after the break.
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