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The upcoming Science Week and Innovation Dublin Festival represent a fantastic opportunity and an interesting challenge for TOG. With the week and festival running from the 7th-14th November and 10th-21st November respectively. We have an opportunity to run over two weeks of events. The challenge is what to fill the two weeks with.

So we’re looking for your suggestions and ideas for events, activities and projects. Think big!

Our space offers a lot of scope with a class room, large common room, workshop, kitchen and other workrooms. We’ve got equipment like hand/power tools, a CNC router, 3D printer, oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzer, sewing machines, science, computer and networking hardware, etc. The ability and time to get materials or extra equipment. Add working on activities over multiple days and the skills of TOG members and the wider public. I think we can come up with something interesting.

Post your suggestions as a comment below.

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  1. Hi All,

    I could display a kinetic sculpture 2m dia, 2.2m tall, and a novel boundary layer flying machine.

    It would be great to participate in this event.


  2. Your best option is to come along to one of the regular group nights or during the hackathon to see if we’ve got a suitable place to host your sculpture. P.S. your site doesn’t work with firefox.

  3. All good, I can attend the up coming open night on 18 Nov, I’d like to discuss a few possibilities with whoever has an interest,
    as to the web site, it needs a lot more work, thanks for the comment

  4. The website is still a work in progress, but we always welcome input about our projects!

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