Selfficiency, at tog

The engine of the car that Adam is converting to electric
The Fiat Punto Engine, in the Beginning

Sometimes it’s hard to keep track of the great things your fellow space-members are up to. One of our members, Adam Sheridan, solved that problem by getting interviewed on Midlands radio last week (listen here).

His site, Selfficiency, is a mixture of brief articles on eco-technology and self-sufficiency, and some great in-depth projects. He makes paper logs, has a recipe for bio-diesel, and is working on converting two cars; a Fiat Punto and a Nissan Serena, to electric. He provides very detailed videos that show you all the steps, even the important ones that normally get cut out in “here’s one I made earlier” style. The whole site is living and breathing, and updated regularly, but if that’s not enough you can also get your Twitter fix.

The fuel tank removed from the car, laying on the ground
The Fuel Tank after Adam removed it

As part of two very interesting weeks coming up soon, Science and Innovation Weeks, Adam will be giving a talk at TOG on producing your own bio-diesel. For more details on that, and the many other events, stay tuned!

Speaking of TOG, Adam managed to bring up Irish hackerspaces, in his interview, talking about the advantages of having a diverse community around you who can often help whenever you get stuck. Overall a glowing endorsement, thanks Adam! We look forward to seeing how your projects grow!

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