php for beginners

Sometimes you simply like to learn something from scratch. Here is your chance.

TOG proudly presents PHP for Beginners.

In 5 weeks we will cover the basics of PHP development. The classes are 2 and a half hours long. We’re keeping the class size small, with 6 participants. The course costs €30 for non-members and is free for TOG members. Participants must be at least 18 years old.

Sorry the class is fully booked. Would you like to get a note for the next class? Cool, send us a message via the form!

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Happy Birthday TOG

Birthday Cake

Happy Birthday to TOG…. Happy Birthday to TOG…

One year ago on the 29th of January 2009,  17 people came together with a common goal  of setting up a shared work space.

We met in the bar area of a hotel in Dublin and started TOG.  It started with very little structure, design and almost no plan.  It was a blank piece of paper just waiting for the TOG members to design what they wanted from a workspace.

Lots of people at the time (not including our first members) that we pushed the idea to said it would never work… that it could not be done.  Sorry to all of you – we proved you wrong.  The meetings continued with no space for a few months while we created both our plans and our funding.  In May 2009 we opened the door on the first workspace.

If you look back at the minutes from the first few meetings the space has evolved into a pretty close match for what people wanted.

A BIG thank you go out to all our members for paying for the space, for working ‘on’ and ‘in’ the space and for believing in the project from day 1.

Happy Birthday…. and here’s to the next year and the years that follow.

OpenStreetMap Mapping Party

There’s going to be an OpenStreetMap mapping party (What is OpenStreetMap? What’s a mapping party?) on Saturday and Sunday 6th/7th February 2010, based in TOG.

On Saturday 6th, there’s a related event, re:public, that’s having a talk on OpenStreetMap workshop and talks as part of their broader event.  (slightly more info)

On Sunday 7th, there’ll be a proper mapping party, starting off in TOG at 12noon, and then mapping the local area.

More info

All are welcome to attend.

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Engineers Week

TOG will be hosting a series of events for Engineers Week. There are events on each night of the week on many different topics. All of the weekday events are free but require pre booking. The weekend Workshop’s require a fee for participation.

Monday 8th: Using Open Source tools to create a Circuit Board.

Tuesday 9th: An Evening of Amateur Radio.

Wednesday 10th: Introduction to the Arduino Platform

Thursday 11th: Craft Engineering This event is replaced by

Thursday 11th: Introduction to the Arduino Platform

Friday 12th: An Evening of Robotics

Saturday 13th: Soldering Workshop

Sunday 14th:  Arduino Workshop

Soldering Workshop

Workshop Description:

This hands on workshop will cover various aspects of soldering; from the basic techniques of soldering, to soldering electronic components to make simple circuits, right up to manual techniques to solder surface mount chips.

This workshop is split into levels so we can work with you to increase your skills. We are ready to work with both absolute beginners and those who would like to move onto more advanced surface mount soldering.


€15 General public

€12  Students/Unwaged.

€10  TOG members


Saturday 13th of February.

Workshop 1 : 10:30 to 14:00

Workshop 2 : 14:30 to 18:00


In TOG. See location page.

No electronics skills required. Participants must be at least 18 years old. Workshop open to ALL. Limited to 8 participants per Workshop. Prepayment at time of booking is required for this workshop,  via paypal.

To book please use the contact form below.

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An Evening of Robotics

Event Description:

Members of TOG will be entering a team into one the the world’s biggest competition for self-made, autonomous, and mobile robots. The RobotChallenge is a huge event that takes place in Vienna in March. In build up to this competition, several of the Irish teams will be coming together for a night of Robotics. We have invited other teams through, to come to the space,discuss and show the progress they have made on their robots.  We are also opening up this evening to the public (see booking below) to show Amateur Robotics is alive and well in Ireland. There will be a number of basic robotics kits (cost to be confirmed) for those who wish to kick start themselves in the world of robotics.


This is a free event open to all.Use contact form below for booking.


Friday 12th of February. 19.00 to 22.00


In TOG. See location page.

Participants must be at least 18 years old. Event open to ALL. Limited to 8 participants per Event.

To book please use the contact form below.

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