Hackerspaces and the Formal Education System

Most of us at one time or another have been in the formal education system. Do we have a good experience ? Could it be better ? Can hackerspaces solve the problems?

The Dublin Google Technology User Group(GTUG) will be hosting a panel discussion on this very topic. The panel will be made up of members of our hackerspace ,  educators and employers.  It is set to be a lively thought provoking discussion.

Event Details

Date: Tuesday 26th of July.

Time: 6.30 pm

Location: Google HQ, Barrow St., D4

Sign Up: Here

Cost: Free!!

6.30 – Nibbles
6.45 – Google Prediction and Storage APIs, Martin Omander, Google Dev
7.35 – Break
7.40 – Panel discussion – ‘Hackerspaces and the formal education system’ –
Hackerspaces are spaces in which groups of hackers congregate to work on
tasks/projects that are of interest to them. Some very interesting and
work is taking place in hackerspaces worldwide. The link between hackerspaces
and the formal education system is weak at best – this panel discussion will
explore the salient points of hackerspaces, whether more people can be
to engage with hackerspaces and whether they are intrinsically incompatible with
formal structures or whether there could be a place for them within
more classical
educational systems
Panellists – Mark Deegan (DIT), John Looney (Google), two hackerspace members.
8.30 – finish

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