Pinhole Photography

Question: How do you take a picture using an empty drink can?

Answer: By joining us at TOG for a quick pinhole camera workshop, on Sat 27th August as part of Irish Hackerspaces week.

A pinhole camera is probably the simplest camera you can have. It doesn’t even need a lens. It can be
any made from almost any light-tight box that you can think of, and it
can produce an image on photographic paper or film. We’ve made some
pinhole cameras already for you to use, but if you’re feeling
adventurous, you can always bring your own.


There’ll be 2 sessions, one at 11:00 and one at 15:00, with 5 places per session. After loading your
pinhole camera with a piece of photo paper, you can take a picture with
it, then develop it in TOG’s darkroom in about 2 minutes. Have a few
attempts and see how creative you can get.  Cost of this workshop is €12  and all proceeds go to support TOG.

This workshop is part of Irish Hackerspace Week.

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