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Ebike Charger Lead

Nothing much to see here! A quick weekend afternoon hack. The ebike power supply died, so time to knock up a cable to charge the battery from a variable power supply. A 3-pin XLR socket, a fuse holder with a 5A fuse and a diode for reverse current protection. A bit of soldering and heatshrink […]

OSM MapJam Saturday 18th of June

OpenStreetMap (OSM) Ireland members will meet Saturday 18th of June in Dublin and do OSM mappy stuff on laptops in TOG. Like an indoor mapping party / hack day / social meet up / barcamp.   What is OpenStreetMap? OpenStreetMap is a world wide, open content map. It’s often referred to as the Wikipedia of […]

Electronics, Microcontroller, IOT and CAD Evening

Every 2nd Monday at 19:00 we host our joint Electronics, Microcontroller, IOT and CAD Evening. Checkout the events section of our website for details of the next one.  The evening is free to attend for members and visitors alike. No booking is necessary, just turn up.  Everyone from absolute beginner to experienced is welcome. The […]

Duck Resistance is Futile

                    I decided to paint a row of ducks. It’s a work of art in progress. It has a definite meaning. The order of the colours should be a clue. Anyone like to guess what it is?    

E-Bike Battery Surgery

One of our long term visitors is an e-biker. One of his batteries was on the blink. There was no output on the normal output connectors, but there appeared to be an output via the charge port. We suspected that the balance circuit was shot, but when we opened the battery case, it looked like […]

TOG Brewday (Saturday 26th March 10.00am)

TOG members and Capital Brewers will brew in the new TOG HQ this coming Saturday. Hearty brews are on the menu, in both brewing with guidance and instructions from the experts, and tasting craft beer made earlier! A very rough time-line of a brew day is as follows: 10am – 12pm: Heating water, water treatment […]