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TOG Fortnight, #1

Here are some of the events in TOG over the next 2 weeks: Monday, 6th Feb, 7pm, Coding Group Night Tuesday, 7th Feb, 7.30pm, Lockpicking Night, Wednesday, 8th Feb, 7.00, Craft Night Monday 13th Feb, 7pm, CAD Night and Electronics and Micro Controllers Night You can RSVP to some of these events on Meetup: Thanks to […]

TOG Brewday (Saturday 4th February 10am)

TOG members and Capital Brewers return to TOG HQ this coming Saturday (4th February). Hearty brews are on the menu, in both brewing with guidance and instructions from the experts, and tasting craft beer made at previous brew days! A very rough time-line of a brew day is as follows (a little earlier than usual […]

TOG Brewday

Just completed our first triple brew day in TOG with 3 members making 75 liters of Stout, Brown Porter and American Pale ale.  Colm Gorey from Silicon Republic also dropped in to ask us a few questions about how to get started with brewing as part of his Tech Tips series. The beers were brewed […]

October Open Social

We’re at it again. It’s our regular Open Social evening. If you’ve never been to our Social, you’ll find it a great alternative Saturday evening in town. Come in and look around. If you’ve never been in before, we’ll give you the grand tour of the space. Talk to members and visitors about projects or […]

Games Night Event at TOG – Schedule

This Friday Tog will be hosting a series of short talks about games. This will be followed by a night of gaming (we will have Board Games, Mame & Xbox consoles, you can bring your laptop and/or any other games). There will be spot prices and competitions run throughout the night. Schedule of the event […]

Ebike Charger Lead

Nothing much to see here! A quick weekend afternoon hack. The ebike power supply died, so time to knock up a cable to charge the battery from a variable power supply. A 3-pin XLR socket, a fuse holder with a 5A fuse and a diode for reverse current protection. A bit of soldering and heatshrink […]