Irish Hackerspaces Week 2012

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Irish Hackerspace Week 2012

This year Irish Hackerspaces Week falls between September 15th – 23rd. This gives hackerspaces around Ireland a chance to expand their reach in to the local community.

TOG has already started to get events ready for this week. Sept 15th and 16th is the Synchronous Hackathon weekend which is a great weekend to get people aware of that can happen in a hackerspace. Our usual Open Social is on the 15th to kick off the whole weekend. We also have a yearly quiz on the last weekend ( Saturday 22nd ), and get all the hackerspaces together via audio/video link with questions dished out by our very own TOG Quiz Master.

Apart from those weekend activities, during the week we are planning electronics and craft activities, a night of short talks on various topics and a Gastro Night, discussing food science and beer brewing 🙂

As the calendar for this week comes together we will be posting a schedule for all to see.

Watch this space.

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Lots and Lots of sugar

Lots of Sugar consumed at this week’s Craft Night. Some would say too much. To those we replied ‘bah, here, take some home with you!’ It was a great turn out, some even showed up unaware of the sugar assault that lay in wait for them.

We cooked, we baked, we iced, and we ate! (Tog accepts no responsibility for doctor or dentist expenses.) If you missed it, stayed tuned, we may be planning future foodie events *theatrical wink*

Mind you for some of us the night was lost in a sugar-haze, so join us in trying to remember what exactly happened. (Yay for cameras!)

Craft Night with added Sugar

Hello again Crafters! It’s been a long year, many projects were started, a few even finished, and it’s always good to see your toil pay off. So we at tog reckon it’s time for a Craft Night reward. The next Craft Night (Tuesday, 13th) will be a special cookies and sugarcraft night! We’ll be baking cookies, icing them, and someone even mentioned hot chocolate 🙂

If that’s not your thing don’t worry, it will be a regular Craft Night too, just with added sugar-fueled giddiness from the kitchen! The sugary rewards are available to anyone on the night doing any craft. And it’s also the last Craft Night of the year (to begin again in January), so why not? Come along, have some fun 😀

November Hackathon

We have just finished up on our November Hackathon 48 hour stint lots going on this weekend.

  • Pinhole cameras
  • Screen printing t-shirts
  • Ducks Ducks Ducks, Microwaving Ducks, Led Ducks
  • Water bath cooking of steaks

Air Marshmallow Gun

This was part of this months hackathon, to build a marshmallow shooter .

This weekends Hackathon went very well with us building a high powered marshmallow gun running off an air compressor and running through a 1″ pipe. Check out the video below for how it was built and to see it working.


High Powered Marshmallow Gun

Keep an eye out for more projects that will be using this same tech but with marshmallows
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