November Hackathon

We have just finished up on our November Hackathon 48 hour stint lots going on this weekend.

  • Pinhole cameras
  • Screen printing t-shirts
  • Ducks Ducks Ducks, Microwaving Ducks, Led Ducks
  • Water bath cooking of steaks

Air Marshmallow Gun

This was part of this months hackathon, to build a marshmallow shooter .

This weekends Hackathon went very well with us building a high powered marshmallow gun running off an air compressor and running through a 1″ pipe. Check out the video below for how it was built and to see it working.


High Powered Marshmallow Gun

Keep an eye out for more projects that will be using this same tech but with marshmallows
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Open Social October 1st

Open social starting around 7pm with food in Tog Dublin. If you’re around leave a message below and pop in, bring some beer, wine and hang out. We will have the rubans tube going and bit of music.

See you next Saturday 1st of October.

If you thinking of coming along post a comment below.

Open Social with Tunes


This weekends Open Social will have a bit of a twist. There will be some live music to go along with the usually good mix of food, drinks and chat.

The social will kick off at 7pm this Saturday the 2nd of July until late. Feel  free to bring your own beer and food along.  It’s a great chance to visit the space and see what we are all about.This event is free and open to the public.

Dan a member of Tog will be giving an update on the great work being done at  Cloughjordan, a new eco village, located in Tipperary.

Cloughjordan is a new concept in living. With Fibre Optic Internet to
every home, communal heating system, low energy concept housing, and a hackers dream, a fab-lab with laser cutter and a shop bot robotic machine. The fab-lab is still in construction with the foundations laid. Dan visited the village as part of the food festival and will explain how the village works and how they need help from hackers to get the best of technology to drive the economy.

After the talk we will have a set from Ewan from Boy Scout Audio  Restricted to a mere 16 notes per pattern and 16 patterns per track, he squeezes the last drops of musical juice from a Nintendo DS, battering the synthesised daylights out of the bare-bones Korg DS-10 software that is the sole sound of his music. Csixtyforce and Zyme from Gamepak have also been added to the line up. Bring on the chip tunes.

June Social, Projects Night and Summer Fund

The beginning of June represents the one year anniversary of TOG moving into Chancery Lane or TOG 2.0. To celebrate we’ll be having a dinner party during the June 4th social night.

So what do you want from a TOG dinner party? Ordinary three course meal; formal four course meal; party food; experimental cooking; BBQ; bring-your-own?

We’ve a reasonably equipped kitchen and BBQ. We expect to meet up in TOG about 2pm for the clean up, shopping, preparation, cooking/baking, with dinner starting about 6-7pm. If you like to attend, cook or bring something comment below. We’ll probably have a small contribution to cover the food costs. BYOB.

Following on from the March event we’ll also be having Projects Night on Saturday. Participants will have a short opportunity to present projects they have worked since the last meeting and any new projects they hope to work on over the next three months. We expect this meeting to run from about 8pm to 9pm.

Somewhat related to the Projects Night we are announcing our Summer Fund. Over the three summer months this fund will provide approximately €120 per month for a group project(s). The exact criteria hasn’t been set yet. But it will likely involves a lump sum being give to a project to buy parts/materials for a project which involves/stimulates group activity in the space. Project suggestions and participation from non-members is welcomed.

Cupcake Challenge (Result)

Our cupcake arrived in The Perth Artifactory, here’s the video of the results.

The scores were very generous thanks, even though the postal system didn’t result in the cupcake arriving in the best condition.

They also have blog post about it here.


The cupcake from Alpha One Labs arrived and here is the opening video. We’ve also added some photos to the gallery.