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Soldering Workshop

Workshop Description: This hands on workshop will cover various aspects of soldering; from the basic techniques of soldering, to soldering electronic components to make simple circuits, right up to manual techniques to solder surface mount chips. This workshop is split into levels so we can work with you to increase your skills. We are ready […]

An Evening of Robotics

Event Description: Members of TOG will be entering a team into one the the world’s biggest competition for self-made, autonomous, and mobile robots. The RobotChallenge is a huge event that takes place in Vienna in March. In build up to this competition, several of the Irish teams will be coming together for a night of […]

Craft Engineering

Event Description: This event is cancelled. AnĀ  Introduction to the Arduino Platform will now take place on this evening. This will be a hands-on night were participants will be challenged to constructed the largest, strongest, or most creative three-dimensional structures using craft materials like paper or matchsticks and a small bit of glue. Cost: This […]

An Evening of Amateur Radio

Event Description: Amateur Radio is a hobby of constructing, experimenting and communicating. A licensed radio experimenter can operate two-way radio equipment from almost anywhere, and can talk across town or around the world. Ireland is a hive for Amateur Radio enthusiasts , with over 35 clubs around the country. The scope and possibilities are endless […]

Arduino Workshop

Workshop Description: The task is simple we will spend the day working with Arduino’s. In the morning workshop we will run and a beginners Arduino programming class; showing you how to install and use the Arduino development environment, the features of the Arduino programming language and libraries, and showing how to use the Arduino and […]

Introduction to the Arduino Platform

Event Description: The night will be a quick introduction to the Arduino platform; showing you the Arduino development environment, the features of the Arduino programming language, and showing some Arduino hardware and shields. Cost: This is a free event open to all.Use contact form below for booking. When: Wednesday 10th of February. 19.00 to 22.00 […]