Engineers Week: Night of Ideas

EngineersWeekLogoTOG will host a night of inspiring talks. Each speaker will only have 15 minutes to convey to you their passion and enthusiasm on a given subject, idea or project. With six talks on the night you will be introduced to a diverse range of subjects.

Date: Thursday 28th February

Time: Doors from 18.30, Talks 19.15

Location: TOG

Cost: Free


Title: Technology and Inequality


Description: How advances in science and engineering may leave us with a much less equal society.

Speaker: John Looney


Title: “You Spin Me Right Round” – The Future of Biomedical Diagnostics


Description: Our research is focussed on developing a particular type of “lab on a chip” device; namely 
centrifugal microfluidic devices. Microfluidics is the science and technology of fluid flows
on a miniature scale. Centrifugal microfluidic platforms differ in that they use the centrifugal
force, akin to the force experienced by someone when driving around a roundabout, to move
the sample liquid through a disk. The disk is typically the size of a CD/DVD and composed
of a cheap plastic material. This new area of microfluidics research has emerged as a highly
useful tool for disease detection, with many of the necessary steps in fluid analysis being
miniaturised and incorporated onto these lab-on-a-disc devices.

SpeakerJennifer Gaughran and Mary O’Sullivan


Title: The Dawn of the Robot


Description: For a long time it has long been forecast that artificial intelligence will soon rival or even surpass human intelligence. This has led a host of writers of Science fiction, Hollywood directors and the popular media to make ominous predictions about the future of human society and even that of human civilisation as a whole.However while the capability of robots to do harm is undeniable, they also have the potential to do immense good.By demystifying some common misconceptions about robots and by focusing on positive benefits that robots have to human society, this talk will present an alternative, more optimistic vision of what the future holds for humanity.

Speaker: Conor Lane McGinn


Title: The Space In Between – TATSOI’s adventures in merging Science/Tech & Art

Description: Úna Kavanagh (visual artist, director, theatre-maker, film-maker, performer) and Niamh Shaw (scientist, engineer, theatre maker, producer, performer) are TATSOI. They are driven by curiosity but also interested in humanity and the fraility and vulnerability in suffering, and the eternal quest for life meaning. With over 40 years combined expertise in a diverse range of artistic and technological skills, they work in the middle-ground between the Artistic and Scientific processes to further explore these themes. They are currently Artists in Residence for Festival of Curiosity, a new festival to supersede Dublin, City of Science. They are also company members of the multi-award winning live art/theatre company ANU Productions.
In their first Science Art collaboration, they co-created a biographical live art science multimedia performance inspired by CERN, particle physics, and the human quest for The Higgs Particle, entitled ‘That’s About The Size Of It’, which was supported by the Arts Council of Ireland, Arts@CERN, Dublin City of Science, and Show In A Bag (initiative of ABSOLUTFringe, Irish Theatre Institute and Fishamble). In 2012 the show toured at ABSOLUTFringe, CuriousCity, Science Gallery, & Project Arts Centre (as part of DCoS Science in The City programme during ESOF 2012) among other venues.
They would like to tell you a little more about themselves, the making of ‘That’s About The Size Of It’ and their next project ‘Blue Requiem’.


Speaker: Úna Kavanagh & Niamh Shaw

Title: The wonderful world of 3D printing


Description: 3D Dave will be talking about the basic history of 3d printing demoing the Ulitmaker 3d printer.


SpeakerDave Head



More TBC

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