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  1. Hi I was wondering where abouts the talk on 3d printing is being given on the 19th?

  2. Hello! The talk will be on in the main common room in TOG. TOG is the name of our space, and sits between the back of Dublin Castle, and the Radisson hotel. You can check our location more precisely here: http://www.tog.ie/location. Our gate is sometimes hard to find, a black door with no lights. There’s an intercom buzzer, it will ring in the space and someone will let you in. Let me know if you need more info!

  3. I’m afraid we don’t. We’re a little concerned about the privacy issues of having to get the consent of every attendee. Also, many speakers don’t feel their presentation is polished enough to be recorded as is forever! However, we already have requests to run a few of these talks again, and if there is a great enough demand we might see about recording some of them.

  4. I am doing talk do not mind if someone records it and its posted online for you to see.

    presentation certainly not polished but do not mind it going on internet.


  5. Awesome! I can show up with a HD camera and tripod for a boring security-camera-esque kinda recording if no-one else can offer anything fancier.

  6. I couldn’t make it to this event. Would love to see the video, is it available online?

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