Geodesic domes and IPv6

We’ve arranged two diverse and interesting talks for our social night during Engineers Week on the evening of Thursday 17th from 7pm.

The first talk will be from Charlie who will be talking about geodesic domes and how to build them in Ireland.

Title: Triangles all the way down
Subtitle: How to build a large, strong geodesic dome in Ireland
Description: A discussion of what geodesic domes are, why they are popular all over the world, and how you can easily build a big one in Ireland with minimal tools.

Our second talk from Paul McDonnell who works with HEAnet, Ireland’s National Education & Research Network will cover the change from IPv4 to IPv6 and how it will effect our lives and the Internet.

Title: IPv4 depletion and IPv6
Description: With the depletion of IPv4 addresses likely before the end of 2011 now is the time to move to IPv6. This talk will cover the current state of IPv4/IPv6, how to connect now using IPv6 and the future of the Internet.

After the talks will be plenty of time to discuss the talks with the presenters and other attendees.

Both these talks and the open social night are free and open to the public. This night is only suitable for over eighteens and BYOB.


This event is free and open though only suitable for over eightteens, BYOB. Please let is know if you are coming by using the form below.


Thursday 17th of February. 19.00- 22.00


In TOG. See our location page.