A Toy Repair to Save Christmas

A member of the public contacted us about a toy repair. Unfortunately, they could not make it to one of our Repair Cafes. We don’t normally take on repairs outside of our events but this one tugged at our heartstrings.

This bear has huge sentimental value to the owner and their wish was to pass it on to her niece allowing the next generation to enjoy it. The bear was originally gifted by a now-deceased grandfather and enjoyed many happy years with the owner.

Disaster stuck with the electronic teddy bear with its arm becoming dislodged. With nowhere offering to repair the bear, all was lost until the owner came across a Repair Cafe event.

Our member Gary took on the challenge of this repair. It started with a bit of surgery taking the bear apart. All the more parts were found intact but the arm was out of its socket.

By taking the body apart the arm was able to be placed back into its socket. We are delighted to say the bear will make a full recovery and Christmas is saved

Here is Rachel very happy with the repair captured on a Polaroid.