Big Data applied to Intermedia Art

Big Data applied to Intermedia Art : Pierre Jolivet / Pacific 231

P231 @ Blackbox


TOG Hackerspace and Exchange Dublin are proud to host a talk by French artist / composer Pierre Jolivet on Big Data and Intermedia Art. The event forms part of a week long series of events and a gallery show celebrating our 5th birthday.

“Big Data and complex visualisations are now ever present as a means of representation and semiotic simplification. Artists, with the development of specific languages like Processing, are starting to generate a new revolution where creativity transcends data. This short presentation is an attempt to expose the potential of tapping in our environment and / or our inner self – revealing a new form of Intermedia Art*.”


Date: Friday 24th January – 8pm

Where: Exchange Dublin

Tickets: No booking required, free entry.

* Intermedia was a concept employed in the mid-sixties by Fluxus artist Dick Higgins to describe the often confusing, inter-disciplinary activities that occur between genres that became prevalent in the 1960s. Thus, the areas such as those between drawing and poetry, or between painting and theatre could be described as intermedia. [Wikipedia]



Bio: Pacific 231 is the moniker of French artist Pierre Jolivet, who is now living in Ireland. He has been composing music for a long time, which is proved by the huge number of releases and also by the wide, ever-changing and evolving range of sub-
genres that are the results of his work. He found the roots of his early works in noise and industrial bases. One could say that Pacific 231 has never left a certain inspiration in noise structures. A few years ago, he began to make more and more experiments with sound samples of various kinds. Discovering the magic of abstract arrangements and sound collages led him also to co-operate with other artists. His discography has got more than eight split or collaboration albums with such artists as Lieutenant Caramel, Vox Populi! and Rapoon.

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