October 2018 Social Battery swap in electric vehicle talk

This October Social on Saturday 20th October 2018, along with the usual chat, craic and fun, we will also have an Electric vehicle theme. See this link for more details

There will also be a quick talk from Jonathan Fitzpatrick, who removed the electric vehicle battery from his 2011 car and upgraded to a 2015 pack.

He will talk about the problems he was hoping to solve, the problems he encountered (the new pack would not fit) and his eventual work arounds and success. The talk will start at 7:30pm sharp and there will be time for questions afterwards. Then you can stay and tour the TOG hackerspace and hang around for the evening. The event is free, open to all, no need to book, just drop on by.


October 2018 Open Social – Electric Vehicle Theme

At the October 2018 Social night on Saturday 20th October 2018 from 7pm we will have a normal open social night where anyone can drop by and we will have a theme of Electric Vehicles. We plan on having a few Electric Vehicle owners attend, and you can have a look around the cars, along with seeing them charge at TOG’s own electric vehicle charge point. If you are interested in Electric Vehicles or own one, this will give a non formal chance to chat to owners along with getting a tour of the TOG hackerspace, and seeing all TOG has to offer including laser cutters, 3D printers, a full workshop and more. The event and all social nights are free of charge so drop by.

Electric Vehicle Charging

Doors open at 7pm and the plan is to have a quick introduction to Electric Vehicles around 7:30. As we are a hackerspace we will also mention digging under the bonnet of electric vehicles and modification. The space will be open until after 11pm and it is a bring your own beer (BYOB) or soft drinks social night, but not if driving. There is limited free parking on site, and street parking in the area is free on a Saturday evening, although we encourage people to arrive car free or share lifts where possible.  TOG is located in Dublin City Centre here:


For those with Electric Vehicles we have a type 2 tethered charger and a 3 pin household style outdoor socket, but charging will be only for those that really need it.


For more information about TOG and future events see:

https://www.tog.ie and check out the events calendar and other blog posts. We also have all the usual

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If you have specific questions you can contact us through the website, but feel free to just drop by at one of our themed open nights.

Students to contact space station as it passes over Cork, using Amateur Radio

Event is now over.

Watch the live recording on this link:

Note you may want to watch the entire show from the start including the music, animations and build up.

Students of Glanmire Community College will get to have a live Amateur Radio link up with the International Space Station as it passes over Cork.

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Italian Astronaut to launch into space this week, then talk to Irish students from the space station

TOG members have been busy helping to organise a school contact using Amateur Radio between two schools and the International Space Station as it passes over Ireland.

The event is organised as part of ARISS, which is a working group that helps schedule live link ups using Amateur Radio Equipment on board the ISS.

While demand is high, and the waiting list long, TOG has been working for more than three years to get a date.
We have a possible date now of October 2017, and we are working on getting the radio equipment ready to bring to the schools so we can make the link up happen.

These events use radio to allow a live link up between six and twelve minutes long as the orbiting space station passes over Ireland.
The ISS is in low earth orbit which means its relative position over the ground constantly changes and it orbits the earth every 94 minutes.
It travels at 27,600 kilometres per hour about 400km above the ground in a micro gravity environment.

The ARISS group organises live link ups squeezed in between the astronauts very busy schedules, between scientific experiments.
The events give the students the opportunity to ask questions to Astronauts currently on board the ISS, and enable the astronauts to take a few minutes from the daily tasks of completing check lists, and running experiments.

We expect the Astronaut that will be available to speak to the students in October 2017 will be Paulo Nespoli.
This Italian born astronaut has been to space twice before. He is due to launch again for Space on July 28th 2017 and all going well, will be scheduled to speak with Irish students in October.

We will have more information closer to the event, but if you want to watch Paulo launch in his rocket follow this link:
Coverage starts 15:45 Irish Time/14:45GMT/10:45 Eastern Time on July 28th 2017
Launch Scheduled 16:41 Irish Time/15:41GMT/11:41 Eastern Time on July 28th 2017
ISS Expedition 52-53/Soyuz MS-05 Launch Coverage includes video B-roll of the crew’s launch day pre-launch activities at 11 a.m. ET;

You make like to view the inside of the space station as available on street view.


The Amateur Radio equipment is located in the Columbus Module, while there is more equipment in the service module.

This event is in conjunction with ARISS, European Space Agency, South Dublin Radio Club, Cork Radio Club and many other volunteers and partners included below








Night of Talks, Undersea and Space Thursday 17th of November

As part of Science week, TOG will be having some events

We are privileged to be having a talk by Doctor Marc Ó Gríofa about his work with NASA, training astronauts in extreme environments simulating life on Mars and zero gravity on the International Space Station. Marc is a Physician, Scientist & Engineer along with being an expert dMarc O Griofaiver, and works to train astronauts while testing procedures, for future International Space Station and Mars missions.

Coming from County Meath, he now spends his days 19 meters below the sea in Florida.


His day job is part of the NASA Extreme Environment Mission Operations programme, or NEEMO, which evaluates tools and techniques being tested for future space exploration.

It does this by sending crew members to live in simulated spacecraft conditions and conduct simulated spacewalks outside of their undersea habitat. Spending weeks at a time they train and test procedures as if they were on Mars or in zero gravity.aquarius

There will also be a talk before hand by Daniel Cussen on receiving live video direct from the International Space station with cool videos, and Conor Forde on Cubesats & Space Commercialisation: Lowering the barrier to entry.

The event is open to all and free. No need to book. Try to arrive before 7:00pm on Thursday 17th of November 2016 as the talks will start at 7:00 sharp with Marc from 8pm to 9:30pm. There is free on street parking in the area. Be sure to give yourself time to find TOG. There will be time afterwards to take a tour of the hackerspace and see what we are all about.