Open Source : A philosophy for Life talk & Open Social Night

On Saturday 6th of November, we are delighted to have John Looney from Google give a passionate talk about Open Source : A philosophy for Life. This talk also coincides with our normal lively Open Social nights. These nights are a great chance to come and meet the members of TOG and have a bit of fun. BYOB. The night kicks off at 7pm. All welcome.

John Looney
After many years working in Google, John Looney realised that there were strong correlations between the way Google works internally, and the way the Open Source community works. It’s allow Google to stay reasonably flexible, despite growing it’s engineering teams past 10,000. In this talk, John examines various aspects of Open Source culture and how they can be mapped to a large organisation. This talk would be interesting to anyone who is curious how open source has managed to deliver such a stunning array of impactful projects and how large organisations can function efficiently. There will also be some discussion on how such culture that is certainly not unique to Google Engineering.

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