What’s that you say, Crafting? Oh, okay!

Tuesday, 7th September, from 7pm until about last buses. In TOG (behind the dodgy looking black gate, there’s an intercom button you can press for admittance). Limited to 12 people. Bring any form of craft you want (and can carry) to work on. We have a sewing machine on the premises (in another room, can be a bit lonely all by yourself), but you should bring whatever thread you need as our selection is poor. Otherwise, we have tea, and usually coffee. It’s a fun night, always a bunch of new people around, and some very talented craftspeople (as well as newbies like me). Send us a note through the Contact Form below if you would like to come along.

Speaking of events, have you seen our first workshop? Crochet Workshop – Stars and Spheres, it’s got pretty pictures. We’re just about full. But because of the way we’re booking places not all are taken yet, but some people do already have dibs on them. If you’re interested you can still contact us about it and we’ll put you on the wait-list. Also, we welcome any suggestions you have for future workshops (whether you’re offering to run them, or there’s something you’d really like to learn about).

*EDIT* Still a couple of places left! Let us know if you want to pop along tomorrow!

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