Oops, Craftings

Hey all, sorry this is late, things have been way too busy around here. First off, thanks to those people who came to the Crochet Workshop. We hope you enjoyed it. It turned out to be more frustrating than I thought. Now I understand what my mother meant when she said she didn’t have the patience for it! Still, I’m very impressed with what can be made with a length of string and one needle with a hook in it!

Secondly, Craft Night on Tuesday, 21st September is still on. From about 7pm until we all leave for last buses. Bring anything you want to work on, and just hang out with other crafters. Although I suspect there will be a few others finishing off their crochet with me 🙂 As usual, please use the form below to book a place.

Thirdly, this will be the last Tuesday Craft Night that I, and a few others, will be able to attend. (Don’t worry, Meg will keep them ticking along. Although, if you’re a member I’m sure she’d appreciate some help.) This saddens me, so I’m trying to find another day to have another Craft Night/Day on. Restrictions due to availability of free space, and available members really cuts down the options: Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Please, if are interested in coming on one of these days, let us know which you’d prefer, what times, and how often you’d be able to make it (e.g. every week, every two weeks, once a month, etc). Through the form below, or in email to crafty[at]tog.ie

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