April Hackathon

Come one, come all, to another Synchronous Hackathon at TOG this weekend!

Yes, it is also the OSSBarcamp this Saturday, so many of our members will only be around Sunday, but that just means more elbow room for the rest of us. Time to get out those space-hungry projects! I for one will be around with metres of fabric, handfuls of LEDs, and trying to put together an infrared controller. (There is a hope of having a go at making some paper, but that will depend on whether I can get the supplies together between now and then. Bring any old paper you want rid of just in case.) Others will be working on getting thin clients working, and playing with some new toys. (Ominious, no?)

You can see the kinds of things we normally get up to in previous posts: February, March, and St. Patrick’s. Anything and everything goes, whether you want to work or just look around and show off.
Officially it’s noon to 11pm both days, but we’re a very relaxed bunch of people. More information and details on location available on the blog.

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