Updating the FAQ Page

Our old Frequently Asked Questions page has needed a good clean up for a while now. So read through the new questions and answers in the rest of this blog post. Let us know if we’ve missed anything or need to clarify some of the answers by posting a comment.

2010-04-22 All the changes have now been incorporated in to the main FAQ page.

One Reply to “Updating the FAQ Page”

  1. Just proofreading comments so far:

    “==What do you need a space for?==

    The space provides shared physical resource that are general beyond”

    “===Is there a way to find out about your activities?===

    Join the mailing list and watch the blob posts on the main web site.”
    blob = blog, I think. Though I may have misunderstood… (“,)
    Otherwise, I think that’s fine.

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