Science Fiction Book Club

Tog has a monthly Science Fiction Bookclub. They meet once a month and currently virtually via discord. In the past, we have read books like Hothouse, Nemesis and The Fifth Head of Cerberus to name just a few. The club has had it’s exciting over the years with authors turning up to take about their own book and the strangeness of the members developing a love for lemon flavoured cake.

When it comes to picking a book we have three guiding rules.

  • Must be under 400 pages(±10%)
  • Must not be in a series
  • Must not have a dragon on the cover.

This month they are reading “Blind Lake” by Robert Charles Wilson. All are welcome to join us on Wednesday 7th of October from 7pm .

For more information via our meetup page ->

Dublin Maker Podcast

The team behind the Dublin Maker festival have launched a podcast. Season one is out fully now. We are delighted to have three of our members interviewed over the course of the season.

Listen back to the whole season on or anywhere you get your podcasts.

Our Open Social is back… Virtually on 15th August, 7pm

Because of COVID, we can’t hold our regular open social but we have a solution. We have a virtual place to meet. All you need is a browser (firefox is best) and an internet connection. This works on Computers and smartphones.

Jon the Open Social Now!

Mozilla Hubs is an experimental, VR-friendly platform and a tool for communicating and collaborating privately, and allows you to connect with people and bring in resources from around the internet for meetings and virtual events.

Link to join the meeting!

Let’s meet and talk about projects we are workong on or would like to work on. Or share some cool new tech or nice craft projects you found.