Games Night Event at TOG


Tog will be hosting a series of short talks about games. Topics will include:

  • Introduction to game design
  • Process of game creation
  • Building interactive games
  • Coding games (tutorials)
  • New games on the market, hot Kickstarters
  • Use of games in education

This will be followed by a night of gaming (we will have Board Games, Mame & Xbox consoles, bring your laptop if you wish). There will be couple free to enter competitions run throughout the night.

Talks will start at 7pm on Friday 30th of September. Please arrive at 6.30pm.


Any speakers who are interested in giving a talk please contact us at or speak to Izzy or Diarmaid in the space.

Each speaker will have 5 to 15 minutes available, although when necessary longer time slots can be assigned.

We hope to SEE you ALL @ TOG on Friday the 30th of September, 6.30pm arrival for 7pm kick-off!

Swollen Lithium Batteries

battery swolenLithium batteries are in the news for all the wrong reasons at the moment, and not for the first time.

We noticed that one of our batteries was a little swollen compared to the others. It seemed to be working OK though. We decided to open up the outer wrap to see if it was one cell or all of them, and to see if anything was obviously wrong. The battery was an 11.1V 1300mAHr LIPO. Check out some pics of us cutting off the outer black covering, to reveal that all three cells were swollen. There appeared to be no external sign of damage however. The cells feel as if they are swollen with gas.


We hooked it up to the  IMAX charger to see what kind of capacity our battery had. This battery is about five years old. Its nominal capacity is 1300mAHr. We fully charged it and then discharged it. We were pleasantly surprised to find it at 1095mAHr. That was discharging it at 200mA which is about C/6. By the time the charge and discharge was complete, the pack had swelled even more.


The question now is what to do with this battery. The Internet is full of videos of people doing all sorts of crazy things to lithium batteries too. We won’t be doing any of that here. We won’t be keeping this battery indoors, thats for sure. It could still be useful for some completely remote outdoor application, away from any kind of combustible material. We should probably dispose of it safely though. Note that all of the disassembly, charging and discharging was done outdoors and with lots of PPE.



Wooden Bicycle Pump

wooden pumpWell not quite, but a wooden handle anyway. We don’t just do bits and bytes at TOG! The bicycle pump handle broke and it seemed a shame to dump an otherwise perfectly good pump. So with a bit of nice round wood cut from an old roller blind pole, we made a new handle. Drilled a hole in the handle and a couple of small holes in the metal shaft of the piston to give the glue a bit of grip.

We wanted to use some glue with a little bit of flexibility or “give” in it, instead of something that set rock hard. That seemed to be the way the old handle was fitted. So our old reliable hot glue gun was fired up. It sets hard, but not rock hard. Pump is back in action, good as new, and it even looks a bit rustic with its new wooden handle. We have lots of members interested in bicycle things at TOG. Drop in and see what we get up to. Pics here.

Workshops at Electric Picnic



It has been three years since we have taken our creations to Electric Picnic and showed festival goers what a hackerspace is. This year we are being hosted by our friends Science Gallery Dublin in the Mindfield area.

Over Saturday & Sunday will we be giving locking picking workshops and getting visitors to test the conductivity of liquids in a home made field test. There are a host of other hands on activities for the makers at heart. They all run from 12:00 – 14:40. For a full timetable visit the Science Gallery website.

Inside Culture Interview

0004dad8-700The Inside Culture team dropped into our space to learn about maker culture in Dublin and further afield. Our members Jeffrey Roe and Louise Nolan chatted to them about the projects Tog created for Dublin Maker and why they got into making.



Listen back from 30 minutes mark ->

More lathe work

Our lathe is finally getting some good use! This time, a small partHose adapter - work in progress was made from aluminium, a coupling for connecting two pieces of tubing for the water cooling system in the upcoming CNC router project. It will replace the existing temporary hose-and-clamps hack.

A piece of bar stock was clamped in a 4 jaw chuck, made into a
cylinder and turned down to about 16mm diameter. Next we turned half of it down to about 6mm and drilled a 4.5mm hole through it, using a drill chuck. Lastly we smoothed the edges slightly and parted the whole thing off.

The end result is more fIt fits!unctional and looks a lot better!

The whole operation went smoothly in overall retrospection. However, we had few small issues to deal with on the way. Firstly, it wasn’t obvious how to set gearing for the power feed, as the manual wasn’t very clear. Another problem was that the  square shape of stock, required the use of a 4 jaw chuck, which is not self-centring.  That adds a couple of extra steps to set up, as centring of the stock has to be done manually in such a case.