Wikipedia/Vicipéid birthdays!

As part of our monthly Wikipedia editing event on 30 January 2019, we will be celebrating not one, but two birthdays! January sees Wikipedia’s 18th birthday, as well as the 15th birthday of the Irish language version – Vicipéid!

Join us from 7-9pm in TOG for cake as we mark these great milestones. Like our usual events, if you have ever wondered how to get started editing Wikipedia, no editing experience is necessary, just bring along a laptop and we can show you how to make your first edits to the world’s largest encyclopedia in what ever language you like!

Any level of Wikimedia/Wikipedia editing experience is welcome. This is not a formal workshop, but an informal evening with an experienced Wikimedia editor on hand to help!

If Wikipedia isn’t to your taste, you can learn how to edit the huge linked database Wikidata, or add images to Wikimedia Commons.

Cake and pizza kindly supplied by Wikimedia Community Ireland.

Monday January 21 – Codes of Ethics in Technology talk

On Monday January 21st Tog will be hosting Laura Nolan who will be speaking on Codes of Ethics in Technology : Necessary But Not Sufficient. You can find this event on Meetup.

2018 was a year of unprecedented controversy in the technology industry, which has sparked media coverage, government inquiries and tech employee activism. Partly in response to this crisis, many technology firms have adopted ethical principles and guidelines about the kinds of technology they will develop and how it may be used. But do principles and guidelines make a difference without mechanisms for accountability?

Laura Nolan is a software engineer with a keen interest in professionalism in technology. Laura was part of the campaign within Google against the controversial Project Maven, which aimed to develop AI systems to analyse military drone footage. She is the founder of TechWontBuildIt Dublin and a member of the International Committee for Robot Arms Control.

What’s happening in Tog in January

!!!BIRTHDAY PARTY!!!: Tog will be ten years old this month, to celebrate we’re turning our customary Open Social night into a Party night. Saturday 26th January from 7 pm onwards, everyone welcome!

Street Party celebrating the Silver Jubilee of Elizabeth II at a street in Birkenhead, Merseyside, England on the 7th June 1977. Photo originally taken on a Polaroid instant camera. Digitally scanned on 11th July 2010.
Yup, we’re going to have this much fun.

Lock Picking: Happens on Mondays, 7th and 21st January from 7 to 9 pm, or until we’re tired and need to leave. Learn how to open a variety of padlocks harvested from the Halfpenny Bridge – handcuffs too, you never know when that may come in useful. Tools and expertise on hand, and basic lock picking sets are available for purchase, 16 euro each.

Coding: Runs on the same Mondays as lock picking, the 7th and 21st January at 7pm. Come down and work on a project or help others with theirs. Don’t forget to bring a laptop.

Craft Night: Every other Wednesday, the 9th and 23rd January at 7pm. Bring along an unwanted Christmas present and hack it into something cool. Or knit, sew, crochet, embroider, glue, fold, cut and solder away. We have sewing machines, a laser cutter and a 3D printer for the ambitious.

Electronics and Micro Controller Night: Runs every non-lock-picking Monday, the 14th and 28th January at 7pm. For all levels: Arduinos, Raspberry Pis and Intel Galileos, try our introduction to electronics worksheet. Some basic electronics kits available for sale. Bring your own laptop or notebook computer.

Wikipedia Editing: learn how to contribute to the world’s most useful and most searched online encyclopaedia. This month we are celebrating the 15th anniversary of Vicipéid, the Irish language Wikipedia, there will be cake and “other party elements”. Intrigued? Come along, Wednesday 30th January, 7pm onwards.

The Science Fiction Book Club elbows its way back into your frontal cortex this month, we’re reading Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash. We will be praising / trashing it on Wednesday 30th January from 7pm.

Raspberry Jam Big Birthday Event

The Dublin Raspberry Pi Jam team are hosting their 3rd jam and this time Raspberry Pi will also be turning seven years old.  There will be a weekend of Pi Jams taking place all over the world.

We are happy to play host to the growing Dublin Raspberry community. This jam will focus more on bringing your own equipment and working on projects. They want to emphasise that it is not a workshop, it’s an event where you feel free to ask questions and for help as well as share your own project and ideas to one another. 

The event takes place on Saturday March 2nd, 2019 from 12:30. the event is free but requires tickets. For full information visit

Christmas Baubles

We like spreading some festive fun with making and sending baubles to people. This year we started off with the a great design by Cartonus and customised it by adding the required amount of ducks. You can download our design here.

Test Gear Donation

We received another donation of Electronic test gear from Testwall. It’s a mix of equipment which we’ll put to good use in our space.

At Testwall they offer a wide range of refurbished test and measurement equipment and supply globally across a number of industries such as Manufacturing. Thanks for all the grear.We will put it to good use. 

Drop into our regular Monday night electronics if you’d like to have a look an get involved. Check our events page for details.