That’s a wrap: fun, flicks and fleadh

Filmmaking is an art and craft with a rich history of can do creative making technology usage prop and set design and musical composition.

Tog hosted  its first film hackathon in November – the Kino Kabaret.


We had 35 participants, many of who brought in their friends and family to serve as extras and helpers.


There were actors, camera people,script writers, directors, music composers and many more.



People came from as far afield as Turkey Germany and Slovakia for the weekend session.


Pitching started on Friday morning, with 6 films initially put forward to the group.

Soon other ideas emerged organically, and by the time of screening there were 16 films put on screen.

In the meantime there was a Q&A by renowned Irish filmmaker Terry McMahon  following the screening of his award winning sound patrick’s day


Sunday was a busy day of editing and finishing film projects.


Screening was on Sunday evening, with a short intro by one of the filmmakers involved before each was shown.

Many laughs, cheers, sobs and contemplations were had by the large group watching.


Many people would never been part of a film before helped to make several, and experienced people learned new tricks and made new friends.


Overall a good time was had by all and its hoped that we’ll host more such events by themselves and intermixed with the other hackathons we run


For Your Consideration




TOG November Open Social

Well another month has flown by which means that its time for our regular Open Social again. This months Social will take place on Saturday 17th November from 7PM. Drop in to see us.

It will be a busy day for us on that Saturday, with our attendance at the Dublin Science Week Family Open Day, earlier in the day.

If you’ve never been to our Social, you’ll find it a great alternative Saturday evening in town. Come in and look around. If you’ve never been in before, we’ll give you the grand tour of the space. Talk to members and visitors about projects or things you’d like to do. If you like what you see, ask about joining as a full member. Weather and volunteer permitting, we might have our wood fired pizza oven going outside. Expect caint, ceol agus craic as usual. The space stays open until the last member is left……usually the small hours of Sunday morning.

Our Open Socials are always free to attend for both members and visitors alike. No need to book…. just turn up. You can drop in for 10 minutes, or stay the whole night. We have parking available. Bring beer, food, gadgets! Our doors will be open from 19:00. Hope to see you there.

Dublin Science Week Family Open Day


We are bringing our demo and projects along to the Dublin Science Week Family Open Day on Saturday 17th of November. There will be two sessions for all the family to see science shows, experiments and lots of hands-on activities. The event takes place in  The Convention Centre Dublin and tickets can be booked on the following link. 

Science Week Lightning Talks

We are hosting on a night of talks to coincide with Science Week in conjunction with the Young Engineers Society. A week of nationwide events to celebrate science in our everyday lives. We have six exciting talks on a diverse range of topics. Each speaker will have 15 minutes to cover a topic they are passionate about. The event will kick off at 7pm  on Thursday 15th of November. The event is free with no booking required. You can read more about each of the talks below.  


Title: “False Balance and Science Communication.”

Description: Today’s good reporting aims to be as balanced as possible which is admirable. However, we are seeing it being misused to drive pseudoscience and scaremongering ideas. By equating fact and opinion how can we expect the public to know who they can trust?
Speaker: Sophie Cremen

Title: “People Proofing Projects”


Description: You have been asked to bring your project to a Maker Faire, art show, bring a hack or meetup. This is the first time other humans will interact with your project. Will, it survive being used by people who don’t know what it is? or by countless children’s hands who don’t fully listen to your instructions.This talk will give you the tips and tricks to make your project more robust, intuitive and safer for the general public to try out. We will cover hardware tricks such as volume control, fuses, radio signals. Also the importance of signage, instructions, and labeling.

Speaker: Jeffrey Roe

 Title: “Hackers: Who are they and why do they do it?”

Description: The press is filled with stories of banks being ‘hacked’, personal details leaked and people losing money through ‘on-line scams’. Who are the people behind this, why do they do it, and is it all bad?
Speaker: Mike Hibbett

 Title: “Perceptions of multicultural world with population genetics,”

Description: The changing the way we look at a multicultural world with population genetics, and the ethical questions still to be answered?

 Title: “Éirloop journey. Last year Éirloop was Ireland’s first entry into the SpaceX Student Hyperloop competition”

Description: Éirloop surpassed over 700 applications to become one of 20 teams to be selected to bring their pod to SpaceX HQ to do high speed tests and compete against 19 teams for the title of fastest Hyperloop Pod. The talk will take the audience through how Éirloop went from the drawing board to SpaceX HQ and how we fared in the competition. 
Speaker: Heather Murphy

Title: “Accessibility”

Description: How people with disabilities access technology Assistive Technology and Universal Design. 

OpenStreetmap Meetup and Mapillary Workshop on the 24th November from 11am to 3pm

Logo for Open Streetmao IrelandAfter OpenStreetMap Ireland’s successful launch as a company, it is time to get back into the swing of things and start mapping again. OSM is the Wikipedia of mapping where the users contribute to the map, either locally through direct observation, by satellite imagery or from in car-mounted cameras, on bicycles, etc, with Mapillary.

Bring a laptop and your mobile phone and learn about the various tools ranging from simple to expert, to edit the map. So no matter what your technology experience there is a way to contribute. One of the phrases from the launch was warm mapping, where people can add a soul to the place, instead of the cold formula used by the proprietary services. So let’s stay warm together in this cold winter season and map our communities!

There will be a 20min workshop in Mapillary, followed by a 40min walk around to put those skills to use (Warm jacket recommended). Could be useful for any new arrivals to Dublin!

Register your interest on Meetup.


Kino-Kabaret – filmmaking hackathon in TOG!


Have you got a script burning in the back of your head? A keen eye for the scene, aye? Want to try some cheesy acting? Or want to make some slaptastic special FX with goos and glues and gos-knows-what?


Well you’re in luck, because


Filmmaking hackathon in TOG, 9-11th November



Join us for our first Weekend Kino Kabaret.

If you have and interest in film-making or are a writer, director, actor, producer, DOP, sound recordist, animator, editor, makeup artist, SFX artist, composer, prop maker, costumier, 1st AD or would just like to get involved then this is the event for you.


Over three days you will have the opportunity to join a team or pitch your film, shoot it, edit it and screen it.


We will start @ 9am on Friday 9th — after introductions you can pitch your great idea or join up for someone elses.
Then its straight into planning and filming!

There will be some basic workshops on Friday morning for ‘how to film and edit on your smartphone’ if you want a quick introduction.

On Saturday at 7pm we will have a screening of ‘Patricks Day’ followed by a Q&A session with director Terry McMahon.

Then on Sunday @ 7pm we will screen the great films our participants made.
Excited already!

We will also fire up Tog’s famous pizza oven for some yummy goodness in the evening.
Not to be missed!



The cost of a ticket for the weekend is €20.


Sign up here!


Places are limited and you must register to attend. See you all there. 🙂


Email: for more!