Electronics bootcamp SPACES open

We’re running our electronics bootcamp again. This event will take place
over 5 weeks on Tuesday evenings at TOG, from 19:00 to 21:30. First
session on Tuesday 9th August.

This is a practical / hands-on introduction to electronics. Its suitable for
beginners, as no previous knowledge is required. If you’re curious about
electronics and don’t know where to start, then this is for you. No
soldering required, as we do everything on prototyping breadboards.
We’ll be building and testing circuits right from the first night. We’ll
be covering DC, AC, analog and digital electronics.

Over the 5 weeks, you’ll have a chance to play with multimeters,
oscilloscopes, signal generators and other electronic test equipment.
There’ll be lots of circuits to build and test along the way.

Cost is €50 for non-members. If you’re interested, you can sign up
below. There are 8 places available.

Booked Out

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Origami workshop update

Last Friday’s origami workshop saw a great turn-out, with people of varied skill levels: most had done only a little origami before if any, some were more experienced and had the books to prove it, and a couple could fold origami behind their back! Very handy to sit besides one such person when struggling with a tiny inside reverse fold.

Many thanks to teacher Jamie O’Leary for sharing his time and origami insights with us!
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Learning about electronics with squishy circuits

On Saturday afternoon, we held a very successful workshop on Squishy Circuits, a great tool to introduce children to electrical circuits.

We started the afternoon by learning how to make both conductive dough and insulating dough, and after a cool demonstration on using an Arduino together with a buzzer to test the dough resistance, we started making our own squishy circuits and other wonderful (sometimes!) creations using the 2 types of dough, LEDs and 9V batteries. Click on “continue reading” below to see a few pictures from the event!

Everyone had fun no matter their age, and I’d like to thank again all our awesome attendees, as well as our very cool teacher Tríona.

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Origami workshop

Curious about origami, whether you’ve never tried it before or are interested in learning new tricks and folds? Sign up for our hands-on origami workshop on Friday, July 8th, taught by Jamie O’Leary! We will start by learning how to do simple folds and shapes for beginners, then move on to more advanced stuff for people with previous knowledge (or innate talent!). Paper will be provided, books will be available, and advice freely handed. Everyone is welcome!

When? Friday, July 8th, from 7pm to 9pm
Cost: Free, and open to all — though please do register in advance, as space is limited (registration form below the picture)

The workshop is full! You can still sign up to be added to the waiting list, we’ll notify you if a space frees up. This also lets us know if there is interest in organising another similar event!

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Squishy Circuits Workshop

Tog will be hosting a Squishy Circuits workshop on Saturday 2nd of July, taught by Tríona O’Connell.

Squishy circuits are a great way to demonstrate electrical circuits to kids (and adults!).  It consists of a conductive dough and an insulating dough that are used in the building of circuits, along with batteries and more usual electrical components like motors and LEDs.

During the workshop, we will make some batches of both types of dough, and afterwards we’ll see some useful demos you can use to teach with it, and also have some hands-on fun building circuits.

Making the dough will involve lots of flour, so don’t wear your favourite black outfit, but apart from that there shouldn’t be too much of a mess.  There’ll be demonstrations of how you can use the dough to investigate resistance in a circuit.

And the fun part, building sculptures that incorporate electrics, or building giant squishy circuit boards.  You can bring your imagination and build whatever you fancy.  Tríona will be on hand to offer help or suggestions as needed.

Snail with LEDs made of conductive dough

This workshop is free to attend although registration is required, as space is limited. It will last about 2 hours, starting at 2:00pm. You can use the form below to register.

— The workshop is full! You can still sign up to be added to the waiting list, we’ll notify you if a space frees up (this also lets us know if there is interest in organising another similar event) —

What to bring? Bring a 9V battery. Optionally, if you’re already familiar with Arduinos you can bring your own (this is optional and there’ll be plenty to do without one!).

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