Unsocial Networking

There has been a fair amount of work recently on the TOG network. We have the normal wireless and then a number of wired network points that allow people to plug their machines into the TOG LAN.

But what mysteries lie behind this amazing service? Curious? Of course you are. But fret not, all mysteries shall be revealed.

An “Intro to the TOG network” will be held on Wednesday 11th August 19:00 IST.

Topics discussed will be

  • TOG firewall (running OpenBSD)
  • TOG LAN switches (Cisco)
  • TOG wireless (Linksys)
  • Future plans for the wireless (guest and member access)
  • Network graphing for the network and servers (xymon and cacti), netflow accounting for the network (http://nfdump.sf.net/), Firewall IDS.
  • Services available (rack space, hardware, virtual machines) and lots more (maybe ;).

This is only intended as an intro, just a “here it is” rather than a “how it’s made” discussion.

Please reply if you’re interested so space available can be assessed.

For now check out the photos of the TOG server room which you’ll get a tour of on the night.



TOG Servers

php for beginners

Sometimes you simply like to learn something from scratch. Here is your chance.

TOG proudly presents PHP for Beginners.

In 5 weeks we will cover the basics of PHP development. The classes are 2 and a half hours long. We’re keeping the class size small, with 6 participants. The course costs €30 for non-members and is free for TOG members. Participants must be at least 18 years old.

Sorry the class is fully booked. Would you like to get a note for the next class? Cool, send us a message via the form!

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OpenStreetMap Mapping Party

There’s going to be an OpenStreetMap mapping party (What is OpenStreetMap? What’s a mapping party?) on Saturday and Sunday 6th/7th February 2010, based in TOG.

On Saturday 6th, there’s a related event, re:public, that’s having a talk on OpenStreetMap workshop and talks as part of their broader event.  (slightly more info)

On Sunday 7th, there’ll be a proper mapping party, starting off in TOG at 12noon, and then mapping the local area.

More info

All are welcome to attend.

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TOG @ Data Event 37.0

Saturday, 12th of September, 6.30pm.

There is a host of talks taking place as part of the Data Event 37.0, a talk about TOG will be one of them. The event is hosted by the Irish Museum of Contemporary Art ( imoca ) Lad Lane (Off Baggot Street), Dublin 2 ( map ) . Other presenters inculed Nora O’Murchu, Emma Wade and Brian Solon.Its set to be a jam packed night with some great talks and people. There is also a Arduino workshop taking place early that day.