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Project: Fun with a GPS Tracker

Checkout some pics here of a GPS tracker we got to play with. This is nominally a vehicle tracker, but it could also be considered for other tracking applications. The unit is small and is powered from 12V. It draws up to 100mA. A regular SIM card is inserted. The unit has an external GPS […]

Duck Resistance is Futile

                    I decided to paint a row of ducks. It’s a work of art in progress. It has a definite meaning. The order of the colours should be a clue. Anyone like to guess what it is?    

Line Following Robots

We recently ran a Electronic “Build-It” Workshop. We have twelve build a line following robot. The little robot was an all analog device,  not an arduino insight. Check out the photos from the workshop in our gallery and the video below of them inaction. Join our mailing list to keep upto date with our workshops over […]

Featured on Hackaday : Taming A Variac With A Thermistor

We are delighted to have one of our member’s projects featured on Hackaday,   TAMING A VARIAC WITH A THERMISTOR The folks at TOG, Dublin Hackerspace, have a large variac. A variac is a useful device for testing some fault conditions with AC mains powered equipment, it allows an operator to dial in any AC output […]

Project – Green Screen in Tog

There is now a green screen on the wall in the back. Please feel free to use it.                     It’s basically some sheets of plastic, painted with matt green paint that was lying around in the space. It has been tested with a Samsung Galaxy Note […]

Fixing the Variac

Actually there was nothing wrong with it. It didn’t really need “fixing”. A variac is a kind of variable AC transformer. They are very useful for testing AC loads because they can give a variable output voltage usually from 0 up to some value. This particular one can output from 0 to 250V and supply […]